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Bangkok vs Pattaya girls

The two main cities guys visit and live in Thailand are Bangkok and Pattaya. After that you have Phuket and Chiang Mai. Next, maybe Hua Hin. Then there are all the guys who live in cities in Isan, usually with their Thai wives. Guys who are just visiting usually go to Bangkok or Pattaya and stay there.

I spent years living in Chiang Mai. I have explained why it is my favorite city in Thailand, and why I moved back there from Pattaya. While Chiang Mai it is not exactly a party city that never sleeps, there is plenty to do there. But I also understand why a lot of guys focus on Bangkok and Pattaya. The main reason is a more or less unlimited supply of girls. So I want to break down the differences in the girls you'll meet in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Pattaya girls

Let's be totally honest here. Pattaya girls are all about money and sex. The whole reason the city exists is that it is a playground for men. All the man made beaches, malls and condos came a lot later. So even though there are a bunch of Russian splashing around in Jomtien and Indians negotiating over bars of soap in the night market, the main thing is still prostitution. And since you and I know that, you'd better believe that Thai people know it too.

Any girl who lives in Pattaya is basically there to take some of the farang (or maybe Chinese) money. Most of them do that through sex somehow or some what. On top of the thousands of bar girls and freelancers, there are all the hotel and restaurant workers. Whether or not they bang for money, they are feeding off of the tourism which is driven by sex. How many of those hotels do you think would be full if there were no good time girls in Pattaya?

You can find women from all over Thailand in Pattaya. Most of the chicks still do come down from Isan cities like Udon Thani, but there are also women from central Thailand and even Bangkok. Everyone knows it's a place to make money. No matter where they are from, you can bet that money is on their mind.

So Pattaya is a great place to go if you want paid access to tens of thousands of women. You might even be able to pick up a regular chick in the mall or a Russian tourist on the beach. But if you are focused on freebie hookups or making a serious girlfriend, Pattaya is not the place to go.

Bangkok girls

Bangkok is also centered around money, at least for the common man and women. Thai people go there from all over the country to work. A lot are from Isan, but you'll get plenty from up north around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, and some southerners too! Some of the girls move to Bangkok with the intention of selling sex, or end up doing that anyway. But most people go to Bangkok to study in the universities or get a regular job in a factory or office.

So while there are more go go bars, beer bars, karaoke clubs and gentlemen's clubs than you could ever visit in one lifetime, there are thousands and thousands more regular people in Bangkok. And since they're in the big metropolitan city they are more likely to be up to meet foreigners like you and me.

Bangkok is definitely more expensive than Bangkok, but you can still take a girl out for cheap noodles. If she's from Isan or outside of Bangkok this might be good enough to bang her. If you want to meet a hi so girl, you're probably going to want to go for a better lunch date in a real restaurant. But it'll still be cheaper than it would back home.

In addition, you do have all the hookers I mentioned above in Bangkok, plus more. There are lots of freelancers and part timers that you can find online, on the streets, and in the clubs. And you also have the ability to just order a girl right up to your room thanks to Smooci. The site is filled with escorts in Bangkok. You'd need a long time to get through them all!

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One Response to Bangkok vs Pattaya girls

  1. Jason December 24, 2020 at 9:43 am #

    Hey, Chris. I’m considering a trip to Thailand once the Covid quarantining requirements are over. Don’t know which city (leaning Phuket because I’m a beach guy, but would also like a lot of hot talent).

    Anyhow, my question is…the girls holding the signs and trying to herd guys into the go go’s seem like they might comprise the hottest/youngest/thinnest (just based on youtube/google image searches). Are they available like the go-go girls inside? If so, are they almost always gonna be more $?

    Thanks in advance.

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