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Bangkok Girls

A Thai girl born in Isaan or Norther Thailand is a completely different girl from one born in Bangkok. Bangkok Girls are much more educated not because they are more likely to go to University but because the schooling system in Bangkok is much more developed as is the quality of the teachers in Bangkok.

Bangkok Girls are much more fashion oriented have more style and class than their country brethren. You can always tell a Thai Girl who was born and raised in Bangkok as much as you quickly spot a girl born and raised on the farm in Eastern Thailand. Bangkok Girls are always taller are not white nor are they dark skinned they are more a yellow color than anything else.

Just because you are a Thai Girl born in Bangkok doesn't mean necessarily that you come from a middle class or wealthy Thai family. You can deduce though that you have more opportunities than girls born outside of Bangkok. For Bangkok girls working in Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy is the last of their dreams and as you'll see if you go to those places you won't find anyone who was born in Bangkok working there, for the dream of having a rich farang boyfriend is something only country girls dream of.

So Bangkok Girls dream of different things, mostly being a model or movie star, they aren't as interested in having farang boyfriends unless of course they have studied humanities or tourism, Bangkok Girls have a lot of western characteristics to them than their country peers.

Bangkok Girl

Look of a typical Bangkok Girl

Why Bangkok Girls are so Unique

Bangkok Girls are more unique than Thai Girls from the rest of the country. They are not just unique because of education, status in society or anything, the difference is rooted in their history as well, Bangkok Girls are unique because they were born from a different mix of Thais, you can see it in their features the way they look is much different to the way other Thai girls from different parts of the country look. Bangkok Girls are even thinner than girls from the north who are much chubbier and more Chinese looking with pale skin.

Bangkok girls know how to party too, they know all the best clubs in the city, have been to most of them and are more willing for casual relationships, Bangkok is just like any other city and the people who are born here are much more westernized than you'd think they were.

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One Response to Bangkok Girls

  1. thethailandlife March 25, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    some thoughts…

    Although there is an obvious gulf between a farm-born Isaan girl and a middle class Bangkok girl it is important not to generalize the regions. Although many are very poor, not all families in Isaan are poor, far from it. I am often shocked at just how much money some people there have, and many families in the northeast now send their children to school/university in Bangkok. As you rightly point out, not all Bangkok girls come from well-off families. Many parts of Bangkok are very poor and at the poorer end of the scale some women end up working in bars, too.

    I wouldn’t say BKK girls with money don’t dig farang . I have friends with hi-so chicks, although yes, they tend to go with foreigners more their own age and “smart” ones of a similar ilk because clearly they aren’t chasing financial security, more a good time and a love affair outside of conventional approval. The hi-so girls in clubs like Bedsupper are more likely to be up for a “good time” than your average traditional country girl who never went to bed after 11pm.

    I also think it is very difficult to tell where a girl is from, although I am pretty good at spotting the typical “Isaan” look and the “Thai-chinese” look, I am often wrong. I was convinced the waitress the other day was from Isaan because she had the typical “Isaan nose”. I made a 100 Baht bet with my GF…turned out her family are from BKK, born and bred.

    Historically Thailand has been subject to such a large mix of ethnicity; Laos/Cambodian/Chinese-Yunnan/Malay/Burmese etc, that what it is to be “Thai” is subject to lengthy debate. The oldest human bones found on Thai soil were in the Isaan region, so arguably people from that region can lay claim to being the first “Thais” (not that they’d all want to :)) – although that area of territory has changed hands numerous times so again it is cause for debate – but wouldn’t that truth educating the masses cause distress to the educated criminals!

    I remember when I first went to Chiang Mai; I’d been told about all these white-skinned women….didn’t see hardly any, although upon returning I saw more among the hill tribes – I later read this is because of the old Chinese trade route running along the foothills of the himalayas – many settled along this route and obviously there was mating with locals enroute. I have also seen very white skinned women in Isaan, indeed my GF is fair skinned.


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