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13y/o Thai Girl raped by Father and Grandfather, Mother knew!

The teacher of a student in Chon Buri discovered that a 13y/o student had been raped by her father and grandfather and took the girl to the Chon Buri police station where the girl is now in the custody of child protective services.

At 1:30pm June 1 2011 Mr Montri General of Child Protective Services gave evidence along with the teacher of the student as to how they learned of the rape of the young Thai girl from not only her real father Mr. Chalermpol aged 40 raped her repeatedly and her grandfather (Mr. Chalermpol's dad) also took part of rape but only after learning that his father had raped her.

13 year old Thai Girl raped by Father and Grandfather Mother knew

13 year old Thai Girl raped by Father and Grandfather Mother knew


The young girl also gave evidence and said that since about 2 years ago when the first rape occured was while she was bathing her grandfather would use his fingers and other items to enter her in an attempt to prepare her for rape. After that first encounter another several times the grandfather raped her, the young girls father learned about what happened and the father was very angry and wanted to cut his father from his life.

2 years had past since that incident and now her father took the young girl to the bathroom undressed her and himself and proceeded to wash her, but just as her grandfather had and her father was so upset, he himself started to sexually molest the little girl. The girl was frightened and her father said sorry that he forgot himself and left the shower, but this happened another several times until which time her father thought she was ready. He asked the girl to wear only a shirt and come to the bedroom with him, the girl refused and this made her father angry and he grabbed the girl and took her to the bedroom where he raped her.

Later the next day the father confessed to his wife (the girls mother) that he had raped his daughter. The mother who we assumed knew about what happened to with the grandfather asked the child after learning of the rape "Did it hurt" the girl replied "Yes" and the mother said "you will get better" and at no point made any attempt to fix the problem, the young girl was furious that even her own mother didn't care enough about her to even get angry at her father, so she left the house and ran away and sought help and that's how she came to confide in her teacher who took her to the police.


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