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Manila girls vs Bangkok girls

Manila and Bangkok are two of the biggest cities in Southeast Asia, and even the world. A lot of people have done comparisons between the two places. But I am focused on the important things in life. So in this post I will compare Bangkok girls against the girls in Manila.

When it comes to the cities themselves, I would have to say Bangkok is a clear winner. It's marginally cleaner and safer. And it is just easier to get around and offers more things to do. There is more of a language barrier. But learning Thai isn't that hard. And you can easily get around Bangkok even if you don't speak a word of Thai.

But again this is more about the girls in the cities than the places themselves. You can find positives and negatives anywhere. When the girls are good and plentiful enough, you can even overlook the negatives entirely!

Bangkok girls

It's no secret that Thai girls are my favorite ladies in the world. All you have to do is look back through the archives here for evidence of that. It's not all a bed of roses. And I am still attracted to sexy European chicks too. But Thai women hold a special place in my heart.

Bangkok girls are like a cross section of Thai women from all over the country. Bangkok is the capital and the biggest city. So women come from every part of Thailand to work and study. You also have the native Bangkok girls, including a lot of Chinese-Thais and hi-so chicks with more money than you or me.

Thai girls

So there is a big range of girls in Bangkok. And they include plenty of very hot women from age 18 to maybe 25. You can drown in just university students alone. I even went for a long period when I was only dating women who were exactly 18. Being surrounded by some many sexy and available girls gives you that kind of ability.

There are downsides to Thai girls. I won't even mention all the damaged Thai girls waiting around for farangs to take care of them. There's a language and cultural barrier for a lot of people. And although Thai girls are thinner than most Western and Filipinas, things are changing and more Thais are putting on weight every day.

Manila girls

Filipinas are Asians, but they have a long history tied up with the West. The Spanish colonized the place five hundred years ago. Then they sold it to America when things got tough. The result is a pretty westernized place where most people are Catholic and speak English.

Now the Catholic thing could possibly put a damper on sex. But it really doesn't. Filipinas are some of the horniest girls in the world. The only thing that seems to have really happened is that many Filipina girls are adverse to using a condom. Go figure!

Filipina girls

Culturally though Filipinas are closer to westerners. Yet they don't have the new PC culture that has taken hold in so many western places. A man can pretty much still be a man in the Philippines.

Manila is the capital and biggest city of the Philippines. Women flock there from all over the country. So again you get the cross section of the whole country. They even have their Chinese population and hi-so groups. But there are also lots of tanned brown babes coming in from the provinces.

Dating in the Philippines is just as easy as it is in Bangkok. In fact for many it is even easier because there is no language barrier. There's just as much naughty nightlife too. The women as a rule are more likely to be chubby or single moms though (see the condom thing). So that's a real downside.

Overall, I still prefer Thai girls to pretty much anyone else in the world. And Manila isn't my favorite city to visit by any means. But there are lots of hot available women in Manila, and they are very easy to get with.

No matter which of the two cities you are in, girls are just a few clicks away. You can go right to Smooci and browse all the local escorts available. If you find one you like, you just book her. Next thing you know, she is in your room. We're really spoiled for choice.

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  1. GuidoSexMachine October 24, 2019 at 10:45 am #

    Good write up on Thai Girls vs Filipina Girls. Thai girls are definitely hotter and better looking for the most part. But Filipina’s are typically better in bed.

    Filipina’s will deep throat, swallow a big load of hot jizz and rim you without you even asking. They will also ride you all night long and let you go balls deep in their bunghole. They’re the epitomy of LBFM’s and true sexxx machines who actually enjoy every minute of it.

    Thai women are great too but just wanted to point out that Filipino girls bring hot sexxx to a whole other level. Some might disagree but that is my observation from shagging hundreds of Thai and Flip ladies.😎

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