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A monger’s guide to Singapore

I've noticed that no one really talks about Singapore when it comes to mongering. Even in Asia you don't see many people talking about it. Now with all that is available here in Thailand, I can understand that. But Singapore at least deserves a mention. There's a lot available considering the size of the country.

The first thing to say is that hooking is legal in Singapore. So there isn't as much to worry about as there is in some other foreign countries. Singapore is basically like Australia but with more Asian people and culture. It's a chunk of the first world in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asian people themselves know all about Singapore and its reputation. A lot of girls from Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines go there to find guys with money. It's just a normal thing. Prices aren't always that bad either, even though Singapore has a reputation as being an expensive place.

Brothels in Singapore

There are actually brothels all over Singapore. The most notable ones are in the Geylang red light district. Don't expect anything too shady though. It's basically like a decent Chinese neighborhood with cafes and everything. They just happen to have houses with hookers inside.

prostitutes in Singapore

The brothels in Geylang are like miniature soapy massages. When you walk in there is a papasan and a little fishbowl. You can look at four to six girls and see if you like any. The price is about 2,200 Baht for a massage and sex with a good looking Chinese or Thai girl in her twenties. The rooms are small but incredibly clean.

Orchard Towers prostitutes

Orchard Towers is basically an older mall. At night there are a lot of hostess bars open inside. But there aren't any Singaporean women working in them. It's all Filipinas, Thais and Vietnamese girls. Or I should say ladies. Because most of them are old.

The prices are high and a lot of the chicks don't even want to have sex for money. So to be honest, I am not even totally sure why guys go to these places. I just don't see the appeal. I guess it would be good for ladyboy lovers though. There are a lot of them around.

I feel the same about BRIX, which is a hotel bar in the basement of the Grand Hyatt Singapore. Every night it fills up with mostly older freelancers who want outrageous sums of money. I guess some visiting businessmen on the company teet are paying it. Otherwise, I don't know why anyone would bother. Short time with a middle aged Vietnamese lady costs as much as a weekend sex tour in Vietnam!

Escorts in Singapore

As is the case in many places, escorts are pretty much the most convenient option for mongering in Singapore. With today's technology you can just jump online and order an escort right up to your room. It literally takes a couple of minutes.

Although there are a lot of escorts in Singapore, it used to be a real pain trying to navigate the scene. A lot of them advertised on Singaporean websites where people use a weird mix mash language they call "Singlish." Trust me when I tell you it's easier to learn Thai than to try to decipher this stuff.

Thankfully we English speakers no longer have to bother with that. Smooci is fully functional in Singapore, so finding escorts is now as easy opening their website and having a look.

My favorite thing about Smooci in Singapore is that they list both incall and outcall options. So even if you wanted to visit a brothel girl, you could still arrange it online. That removes any confusion and lets you know the prices and services up front.

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