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How to Learn Thai The Fastest Way

Hi there, my name is Chris and I have the quickest way for you to learn Thai. This is the REAL and honest way to learn Thai. The same way that I was able to learn to speak Thai fluently in only 1 year! Yes it's possible!

How long it takes to learn Thai really depends on your effort but even just a small amount of effort every day will help you become fluent. Learning Thai isn't as hard as you may think. I tried to learn French for five years but I can't speak a word yet in as little as 12 months I was fluent in Thai. The difference, I had motivation. Find your own motivation to do so!

Ask yourself why you want to learn Thai, what is your motivation for speaking the language. For me, I decided to live here, I wanted to make friends with Thai people and didn't want to have to rely on anyone. Imagine being able to go anywhere in Thailand by yourself and have no problems. Speaking with a Thai girl. Find out why you want to learn Thai then remind yourself every day the reason and you'll find your motivation.

The 3 Step Guide to Learning Thai

  • Learn To Read Thai
  • Learn the vocabulary
  • Learn to write Thai

How to read Thai Language

The most important place to start learning Thai is to learn how to read the language.  The reason this is so important is because Thai has many different sounds that our mouths are not used to. Before you can speak properly we need to understand how to make each sound correctly. There are also 5 different tones used in the Thai Language and if you can't make those 5 sounds properly you won't ever be able to speak Thai clearly.

Learn Thai

There are 44 consonants in the Thai alphabet, and 32 vowels. However, some of these vowels are just long and short versions of each other, so it is actually only necessary to learn around 20 different vowel shapes. The book Learn the Thai alphabet in 1 day helps you to rapidly learn the language like no other system has done before. The book is also available for free if you are VIP member on this site.

Learning the Thai alphabet will enable you to learn the language faster than you have before. Be sure to repeat each letter with a Thai person to ensure your pronunciation is perfect. Perfecting your pronunciation in Thai is

Learn the Thai Vocabulary

The great thing about the Thai language and why it makes it easy to learn even if you don't have the best memory is because a lot of the language is made up of compound words. Putting two or more words together can in many cases mean just one word in English. This means that if you are able to learn 1000 words you can potentially say 5000 things. It's important to learn as many words as you can but not just any random words. Only learn those Thai words that can help you in your day to day use.

Learn Thai

The problem with most language courses is they are trying to cover everything. If you approach learning Thai this way you're just going to be learning things that you soon forget. Remember the say "what you don't use you lose". This is why I created the first ever Thai Vocabulary training book available for VIP members only. This book teaches the first 500 words that you need to know and none of the words that you don't need to learn right away. But to truly learn the language fast then you must check out the Thai Dojo! The Thai Dojo is a flashcard game based website that works on most devices even on your desktop, it actually drills you to learn the vocabulary that really helps you speak Thai fast, I recommend it.

Learn to write Thai

The great thing about the bonus book available for VIP members is you can learn to write Thai, the stencils can be printed so you can do them over and over again until you know them off by heart.

Learning Thai takes effort, and like the old saying if you don't use it you lose it.