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How to get laid in Manila

In some respects, asking how to get laid in Manila is like asking how to get wet at the beach. Getting laid in Thailand is really easy thanks to the multitude of options like Smooci and Thai Friendly. But it is just as easy to have sex in Manila. It might even be a little easier.

This website is called Living Thai, and that is mainly what it is about. Over the years, I've covered all aspects of living in Thailand. There has been a special emphasis on Thai women. Dating and having sex with Thai chicks is great. Speaking Thai as I've learned to do goes a long way in making that easier though.

In Manila you don't need to learn anything. Since you're reading this, you obviously speak English. And people in Manila speak English too. At least for the most part. On top of that, Filipina women are about as friendly and as horny as any women you will find anywhere in the world.

Manila escorts

The absolute easiest way to get laid in Manila is to call an escort to your room. That is pretty much the same anywhere in the world. But it is a little easier in Manila that most other cities. Because Manila is one of the cities where you can use Smooci! All you have to do is open the site, click Manila, and pick one of the chicks. Then you order her right up to your room. It's literally that simple.

I just looked on Smooci in the Manila section and there are tons of girls. You couldn't do your way through them in a month. And there are some real hot ones. I even saw a foreign chick there too. So there is variety.

Where else to get laid in Manila

But escorts definitely aren't the only option in Manila. When it comes to paid action there are also go go bars, massage parlors, karaoke clubs, freelancer hangouts, brothels and even street hookers. If you don't want to pay you can still find plenty of Filipina chicks to date or hook up with on dating apps, in clubs and even in regular old shopping malls during the day. The city is filled with horny and available Pinays!

The best go go bars can be found on P Burgos Street in Makati City. But they aren't cheap. You'll pay more to barfine and short time a dancer there than you would spend on a short date with an escort you booked online. The go go bars in EDSA Entertainment Complex are a little cheaper, but as a general rule they aren't as good.

sexy Filipinas in bikinis

The best massage parlors and karaoke clubs are mostly in Quezon City. Places like Air Force 1 are pretty well known for having some hot chicks inside. They don't charge a ton for a full service massage. But it's still easy to spend a lot of money if you're not careful.

The most famous freelancer bar is definitely L.A. Cafe which is open around the clock. But it doesn't have the hottest chicks inside. And it is not in a great part of town either. So just be aware and alert if you go there.

If you want to meet more hi-so and open and adventurous girls, check out the clubs. I think Club ZZYZX is by far the best. But it is not the easiest place to get laid in town. Exklusiv is another place to try. You don't need as much game as you would in London. But you don't just fall into pussy there either most nights.

Surprisingly, the easiest places to pick up chicks in Manila are probably the malls. That's where women hang out during the day. And most babes in Manila are friendly and very easily approachable. You can just walk up, say hi, and start chatting. From there you can get a number and try for more. It's really not that hard.

And just in case you can't fathom walking up to strangers and talking, there are lost of websites for dating Filipina too. They are pretty effective even now when so many guys are going to the Philippines to meet women. I have had luck with free sites like Date in Asia as well as paid sites like Filipino Cupid. In Manila, you can't really go wrong!

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