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How to find non-Thai escorts in Bangkok

There can be no doubt that Thai women are a major attraction for millions of men who travel to Thailand. They are probably even more important to those of us who live here full time. Yet variety is the spice of life, as they say. So there are times when you want to meet non-Thai women in Thailand too.

There are millions of foreign women in Thailand. Most of them are only here part time. It is possible to hook up with them. But it takes some work. So it's not much different from trying to date and score with women back home. It can make you wonder if it is a good use of time.

One of the big draws of Thailand for guys is that it can be easy to get with good or even great looking women. There aren't many places in the world where guys of even modest means and looks have access to tens of thousands of women each and every day.

It is pretty easy to date Thai girls in Thailand. And that leads to lots of getting lucky and hooking up. But when you have so many hot chicks around you even that can start to feel like a chore. Not to mention the times when you just want to let off some steam or spend time with someone different. That's where escorts come into play.

Smooci is best for all escorts in Bangkok

Of course Smooci is the best and easiest place to find escorts in Bangkok. It doesn't matter if you prefer independents or agency escorts. Because Smooci groups them all in one place and lets you sort through them with ease. Whether you are looking for a twenty year old slim university student just getting into the game or a PSE professional MILF with big bolt-ons you can find them fast on Smooci. Booking is a breeze and you can actually track their location as they make their way to your room.

Since none of this comes with any extra charge, there really is no reason not to use Smooci. It's the best escorting has to offer in Bangkok, plain and simple. All the pricing is up front and honest. And you even get verified pictures, user reviews, and a list of services before you pull the trigger.

White escorts on Smooci

What about foreign escorts? That is the topic of discussion here. Well you can find them on Smooci too. Without getting too far into it, I can say that I even spotted a white Western chick on Smooci not too long ago. There are others too. Of course they are outnumbered by Thai women. But what else would you expect in Bangkok?

Outside of Smooci your options are a lot more limited. And that goes for foreign women and Thai escorts alike. Craigslist banned all escort listings and the erotic services section some time ago. Escorts get around that by advertising in the beauty services section. But those ads are pretty spammy. I usually see some foreign escorts advertising there. Most of them are ladyboys from the Philippines. I've only seen a couple of real women.

Other than that you are basically forced to go out and try to find foreign escorts in the wild. That is not always an easy task in Bangkok. There are a couple of places where Eastern European and Black African hookers are known to congregate like Soi 4, but I wouldn't exactly call those ladies "escorts." Would you?

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