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Where to find escorts in Macau

Forget about Vegas. Macau is the gambling capital of the entire world. And where there is money there are women. That's especially true in Macau where culture and cash collide to create a clean but naughty "city of sin" complete with tons of money girls. Yet if you are not Chinese, you might actually be left wondering where to find escorts in Macau.

Don't get me wrong. Foreigners are totally welcome in Macau. But there isn't really anything catered or set up for us. At most we can get lucky and maybe find some English signs here and there. Macau is just a short ferry ride from Hong Kong, but it is a different place. Don't forget that Macau was under the Portuguese. Not the British. Even though Macau was the first European colony in East Asia, you only see a little sign of that today.

Types of girls in Macau

There are all sorts of hookers in Macau. It's pretty much what you would expect in a casino town. You might be able to find real love, but don't count on it. You have a better chance at doubling up at the baccarat tables.

The Macau saunas are the most famous "naughty places" in the area for sure. Some are more popular than others. But they're all full of Chinese guys, and they're all very expensive. I've never heard of white guys being turned away from any of these saunas. But there are stories of guys who look Indian, Middle Eastern or black being blocked from entry. So that is something to keep in mind. So is the language barrier inside.

Finding escorts in Macau

Casino girls or "freelancers" also abound. You can find them hanging around in different parts of casinos looking for guys. Most of them are mainland Chinese. Some of them are really sexy. But they don't usually speak English and they don't approach guys who don't look Asian. If you approach them, they might not even answer. So this is another issue.

Brothels are a little cheaper, but don't expect Thailand prices! You'll be welcomed by the Vietnamese and Thai girls at Darling 1. But you'll also have to spend the equivalent of about 7000 Baht for a soapy massage with full service.

Escorts in Macau

Escorts are pretty common in Macau, even though you don't necessarily see them around. Why would you? They're just regular women between customers. And with customers I guess they usually go straight to the room and get busy. At least that's what they do with me.

WeChat is used by a lot of Chinese people. It's a chat app like LINE which is popular in Thailand. But what makes it different is a "find people around me" feature. You can turn that on and see other people who have theirs turned on too. You usually see a lot of Chinese escorts with introductions like "contact me if you're lonely." But again, you need the Chinese language to contact them.

That's where Smooci comes in. The famous escort site that launched in Thailand is now all over the world, including Macau. And since it is all in English it is very easy to use. All you have to do is open up Smooci in Macau and search for available women. They have both incall and outcall chicks there. So you can either go to the lady's room or have her come to yours. It really couldn't be any easier!

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