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Pattaya Go Go girls make $18 dollars an hour

Every wanted to know how much a Pattaya go-go girl dancer makes in Pattaya? Determining the amount of money a go go dancer in Thailand it's really down to the girls willingness to go with any number of men as well as the place she works at. Where she works out will come down to either what she looks like or how she looks.

How much money does a go go dancer in Thailand makeYou can see in the infographic picture above that a Thailand go go dancer earns the bulk of her money going with customers for sex. In the trade it's called short time and long time. The majority of clubs have a set fee and depending on the go go club is usually set at 2000 baht for short time and 3000 for long time. Short time can be anywhere from 30minutes to 4 hours and long time is typically 6-12 hours, depending on any number of factors.

When John goes to the boom boom factory (go go bar) he has to pay a fee to the bar in order to take the girl out. This fee typically called a bar fine is paid is typically 500-1200 baht and must be paid upfront. When a customer wants a girl before midnight and for long time he must pay double the bar fine as a way for the club to make up lost drink money.

Drink money is the bread and butter of the club, when a customer comes to the go go club in Pattaya he will have to buy a drink, usually this drink is 4-5 times it's actual value. On top of your drinks the go go dancers can come sit with you if you buy them a drink. Not buying a go go dancer a drink if she comes sit with you will typically end with you being told off in Thai and her stomping away. Buying a drink for her all the same may end up a similar way anyway.

When a go go dancer gets a drink bought for her she get's 50% of the drinks value. For most go go bars in Pattaya lady's drinks start at 100 baht (roughly $3.20 a drink). The drinks system is a great way for the club to make extra revenue and an incentive for the girls to walk around taking care of guests.

Most go go dancers in a decent club will easily get 10 drinks bought for them in a night by various customers. On top of the drink money the go go girls also get a monthly salary. The salary depends a lot on her experience and the number of drinks she gets for the club. The more drinks she gets the more likely her salary is to go up. Most Go Go girls in decent clubs on Walking Street Pattaya will earn 9000 baht a month to start.

What's not talked about in the Infographic is bonuses go go girls can earn. A Go Go dancer starts work at 7pm if she manages to find someone go for short time with them and come back before 11pm or midnight she'll get a bonus (around 200 baht), the girls call this OT (overtime). This is not standard in every club but most do have bonuses, the girl who goes with the most guys during a calendar month for short time and long time can earn a monthly bonus of 7000 baht or more, second will get less than that as does third.

Most Go Go girls in Pattaya work on and off. Some might work for a month and take 10 days off others might just come and go but when they say to the club they are working and they don't show up they get fined the equivalent of a bar fine. If a go go dancer leaves the club with a customer for short time before midnight the customer has to pay double the bar five that's 1200 baht, sometimes the girls have to take some money off what they usually would ask for. A Go Go dancer in Pattaya is however allowed to stop working anytime they wish to and get paid immediately.

If you add up all the different amounts account for time off and all in the infographic you can see that a Thai girl Go Go dancer in Pattaya makes roughly $18 dollars an hour for the time she is working. When you consider what she has to do the money doesn't seem like much. But to a Thai person 1 day working at a Go Go club could feed cloth and send to school her little sister, take care of her mother, or buy herself a new iPhone.

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Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

24 Responses to Pattaya Go Go girls make $18 dollars an hour

  1. Don B. March 23, 2012 at 4:21 am #

    That would make a great t-shirt!

  2. jack March 23, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    gogo girls spends $150 an hour on meth and alcohol.

  3. Dan March 23, 2012 at 5:38 pm #

    I don’t know where you get your figures but you are full of crap. I’ve owned and operated bars and clubs in Thailand for the past 8 years and I have never paid a “salary” of 9000 Baht per month for anyone other than a cashier and security, most dancers will get between 1500-3000 as a “retainer”.

    “Lady” drinks are not 50%, that is just plain ignorant, there is generally no single percentage, it will start at about 20 Baht if the girl gets a beer, 40 Baht for mixed drinks and “cocktails” to as much as 300 Baht for times when a punter will buy a bottle of spirits, at 1800 Baht or more, to share with a lady.

    I have never heard the term OT in the way you talk about it, if girls get a punter and return to work again they will get a highe “cut” of the second bar fine.

    Most “busy” working bar girls will struggle to “service” more than 30 clients a month, massage girls are different, the better looking girls are often taken for longer like 2-3 days at a time, the “average” for the top girls is closer to 24, I just asked our top girl and she did 18 days in the club last month.

    Now factor in the hours these girls work, most of our “top” girls will start between 7-9pm and aim to be taken by a “better” punter by 12-1am, from there they will be busy for another 1-2 hours and most likely an hours or so in the morning returning home around mid morning, thats 14 or more hours a day!

    Now lets look at the true figures, this is a best case scenario!
    Incoming money – these are averages:
    24 guys per month @ 2200 – 52,800
    100 Drinks per month @ 50 – 5000
    Retainer – 3000
    Bar fine – 24 @ 150 – 3600
    TOTAL – 64,400 Baht

    Out goings:
    50 Private drinks @ 50 Baht – 2500
    Tips to security, mamasan and other girls, usually around 10-15% – 9000
    Motorbike and Taxi fees @ 200 Day – 4800
    TOTAL – 16,300

    Balance – 48,100
    Hourly rate – 48,100 / (14 * 24) = 143 Baht per hour, or at todays rate for the USD about $5.60 per hour.

    • Chris March 23, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

      Thank you for your clubs breakdown, obviously not all clubs offer the same salaries, percentages and the calibre of customer is also different.

      The OT bonus scheme is actually a pretty good idea and maybe something you can introduce into your club. As ignorant as I am I’m glad I could at least teach such an experienced club owner like yourself something new.

      • Dan March 24, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

        I might run a club but I dont actively encourage what the girls do, thats the saddest thing about your blog, theres nothing constructive in it to give a foreigner any reason to look at Thai women in anything other than a negative way, its like they are all hookers and should be treated as such, I guess thats who you draw in readers.

        • The Mule September 21, 2012 at 2:43 am #

          Lol “I’m a pimp but I don’t encourage girls to have sex for money…” That’s some awesome logic you got there buddy.

    • Ray December 14, 2012 at 6:24 am #

      Damn my man you are spot on. This article sucked balls because I know a bar girl and she definitly didn’t make that much for her salary that this idoit was talking about. It was more what you mentioned in your reply. Thanks for shedding light to the real bar side of things

      • Chris December 14, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

        Maybe I should write an article about how skanky bar girls make $2 an hour. Again I’m talking about Go Go girls in a decent establishment.

  4. American March 23, 2012 at 9:51 pm #

    First, I have not owned a bar etc. etc. all the caveats…. From my understanding that BGs that are actually showing up for work, make 20-80kb a month. There are some stunners in BKK that allegedly make more. But in Pattaya, most of the girls I have chatted with get 1k for ST or maybe 1.5k for ST and they still make 30-40k in high season. Thats because the “smart”(?) ones will go with 2 or more guys a day. Some sideline or otherwise less greedy girls will get their one shot a day for about 20days a month or so.

    The retainer’s I have heard of are a bit more complex. You get 8kbaht as long as you get 30 LDs and 7BFs a month. It essentially works out to 3kbaht + their commision on the LDs and BFs (yes some girls get half the BF but it may only be on the 2nd dude or after a certain time like midnight, or if they are a crowd pleaser).

    As for LDs it seems that most girls get around 40% depending on the bar. It is more like the Drink is 120b and the girl gets 50b.

    Thanks Dan for the info, and of course thanks Chris…. just goes to show that you really wouldn’t wan’t to date a BG for many reasons but maybe mostly because they have seen too much money. Remember when you were young and small change was a lot to you?

  5. Working Tourist March 26, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    The standard rates might be 2,000/3,000 for ST/LT but it’s not unusual for customers to overpay / be generous with the tips, give the girl taxi money, and if the girl is good, she might be able to convince him he has “boyfriend status” and he’ll send her money, sometimes when she asks, sometimes on a monthly basis (the figures I have heard is normally in the low 5 digits).

    She may also text a “regular” on her days off (cutting out the bar).

    Of course the above is just what I have heard from the few girls I have talked to — there is one million (estimated) workers in the thai sex industry, so my information is not representative of the entire industry.

    My point is just that there is probably a lot of extra income not shown in your infographic; heck, a girl I know in Chiang Mai makes 7-9,000 baht/day in a massage parlor mainly from tips simply by being flirtatious and generous with happy endings (I don’t think she entertain more than a handful of customers each day, and a massage itself is only 2-300 baht).

    • Chris March 26, 2012 at 10:29 pm #

      Yes there are many ways that a Thai girl could make more than what’s in the info graphic, even clothes and jewelry, either are the expenses like the hairstyle everyday, the makeup the shoes the outfits etc etc. We should make another one but maybe call it different ways pros make money or something.

      • Ray December 14, 2012 at 6:43 am #

        You are really making no sense and you probably been in Thailand for a visit and that is it. I can’t believe the things you are posting here. WOW. I actually own a massage shop in Pattaya ( Lucky Family Massage 🙂 ) and we don’t have any happy endings. The reality is that most bar girls have more than one job, dont have a car ( most ride motorbikes, and live in a room not an apartment and if they do they share the rent with another bar girl. A lot will have boyfriends to send them money because it will always be some sucker to do it. If you actuall think they make what you say they make they would be driving around in cars my friend. You need to do more research DAN!!

        • Chris December 14, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

          I don’t think I know bro, it was my girlfriend who was making these figures, I know because i made her go do it.

        • Gordie December 15, 2014 at 7:08 pm #

          Hey Ray,

          I’ve got you, but I’ve seen in personally for nearly 2 years…I was stupid at one time and was there…not giving them money, but they just like being with me…I had no guy friends and all were working girls…In my room I’d have a minimum of 5 girls hanging out nightly…one would go and two would come…two would go…and three more would come… I know all their stories and I see what they have, what they wear and what they have at home with their families etc… I remember getting mad at some of them for being stupid…they make good money and at the end of the month…their working 3 to 4 guys a night trying to come up with rent. Anyhow…some really do make a hell of a lot of money, but some of them have stupid addictions that keeps them from progressing forward and some are smart and know that they can’t do this for life.

  6. Batam Bob March 31, 2012 at 2:55 am #

    The majority of bar girls that I know are permanently broke regardless of how much money they earn. The more responsible ones are saving or sending money home. Hot money is easy to spend.

    • Anton Glas June 4, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

      Many BGs will claim to be broke, are on hard times and feed the client with all the hard luck BS stories.

      This is all part of the strategy for playing on the mugs sympathies in a hope they will part with more money.

      I’ve heard all this crap before and I’ve never been convinced nor have been interested.

      It`s the oldest ploy in the business and more fool those who fall for these stories of woe and sorrow or what it`s known in the trade as sick buffalo yarns.

  7. Johnnie Walker April 1, 2012 at 8:57 pm #

    I wrote the basis of this post in wordpad before reading Dan’s reply.

    Chris, you were good with your Chiang Mai stuff but a lot of inaccuracies re Pattaya.

    Never heard of Go Go girls having fixed prices. All things are negotiable in Thailand. 2000bht ST is crazy!
    Prices will move up/down depending on many things such as:
    If she actually likes you. How many BF’s she has already had that month. How near the end of the month it is. (ie. Room rent due). How late at night it is. etc. etc.

    Double bar fines <12. Wow, when did they bring that in? BF's have gone up a LOT over the past few years. Used to be universally 400bht not many years ago.

    "he will have to buy a drink, usually this drink is 4-5 times it’s actual value"
    Really? Where? I usually pay 50-65bht for a draught beer or about 120 for a bottle of Heineken.

    "When a go go dancer gets a drink bought for her she get’s 50% of the drinks value"
    Where? The girls will be lining up to work there. Usually 50bht. 30 in a bar.

    "Most go go dancers in a decent club will easily get 10 drinks bought for them in a night by various customers"
    Only the 9's and 10's. Even then, to get 2 ST's & 1 LT + 10LD's every night would be difficult to achieve.

    Topless dancers get more salary.
    Girls also get a kick-back from the BF. 2-300bht.

    Ask at Peppermint how much salary is?

    • Chris April 2, 2012 at 1:16 am #

      I don’t think it’s crazy at all actually I think 2000 is fair enough actually for short to with an actually good looking girl, you can get cheaper sure but what’s the quality like. People are downplaying the actual income and yet I don’t think it’s true. Or maybe it’s just I know some good looking go go dancers! You can still get barfines of 300 (minus her tip) and you can do that if you sweet talk her. The prices I’m claiming here are what is the going rate for a good looking go go dancer who speaks a good amount of English.

      • Ray December 14, 2012 at 6:34 am #

        Tha would be a negative Chris they scammed you. Johnnie Walker is speaking the truth. It doesnt matter if the girl speaks English or not, if she likes you ( more attractive) then the chances are that the price will be much lower. I have never paid 2000 for ST thats setting newbies up to fail bro. I have had anywhere from 1000 to 2000 baht for LT with a stunner. 250-500 for ST. Even the working girls are laughing at your article because they know that 2000 for ST is crazy and you must be one ugly mofo to get that price. Even 70 year old Farangs are laughing at you. Never had a bad quality chick either . I have pics to prove and contact numbers if you are ever in Thailand again..hit me up so I can show you how to stretch your monies chap 😉

        • Chris December 14, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

          Dude that’s the prices of girls at go go’s before midnight and you pay if you want it, Dude if my girl didn’t get that I’d go ape shit and that’s during low season. I love how Johns’ think they know how it is to be a pimp.

  8. american December 16, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

    So, after a bit I have buddied up to a bar owner. The bar of course will remain nameless except to say it has less than 20 girls, is not on walking street, and it is nicer place that is bigger than most. Anyway, the #1 girl there got 195 drinks, 25 bar fines, and is given 8000 as a retainer. Her room and food (thai food provided) are free. Some of the BFs were long time. she got cash tips as well and asks 1000 for ST and 1500 for LT (leaves by 7am).

    So thats about 10k for her commission on the drinks and BFs, 8k retainer, 20k in st and 7.5 in LT (guessing the number of LTs as 5), So we are at 45.5k baht without any cash tips or tips after slowly turning her cute little fun hole into a roast beef sandwhich. On 5 occasions I have seen her have 400-800 in cash tips in the bar (in the same month). So even with 300b a day in cash tips, which is low, is still in excess of 55k baht.

    This place is out of the way, you don’t just stumble in. I am sure in low season it wasn’t as good and the bottom 10% of girls where more likely at 25k total at best.

    What I know for certain is the number of BFs, lady drinks, commision schedule, and what she charges. Cash tips are unknown and I guessed on those.

  9. elwyn powell July 23, 2014 at 4:25 pm #

    300 barfine,1,000 long time always get a stunner.after bar closes no bar fine still only 1,000 baht,never failed.

  10. Gordie December 15, 2014 at 6:52 pm #

    I read the story and the responses to the story and from my experience…and I hate to say this, but I’ve kinown many girls in the industry discussed and outside of the go go, but onto what I wanted to say, You’ve got the ones that don’t have much sense of business and make little and you’ve got experienced who were like the inexperienced that don’t make much at one time or another. Now…the girls I knew are all very experienced and very beautiful…I would watch them. They did drugs and worked…they would make in excess of 100,000 THB per month…some will get about 150K+ and some would actually get paid anywhere from 10K to 100K for one night. That is without the gifts men would give them…when you see a beautiful girl working, the clothes and bag she wears and uses along with the shoes…are not fake; they are the real deal (gifts from their lovers). If you are smart in this industry and laid off the drugs, you can make a hell of a good living and not for long since you would easily transfer that money into legal businesses that will take care of you for life after you get out of the sex industry or atleast their family because they’ve met a farang with money that will take care of them. They all have cars back in their hometown that are new and land. The one’s who do drugs…make a great amount of money, but due to their drug habits, that money goes straight to buying this stuff daily and at the end of every month, they struggle to make rent payment on a room of anywhere from 7000 to 12,000 monthly.

    • Ray March 30, 2019 at 8:21 am #

      You dont know what your talking about short time is 1 or 2 hours and most agogo dances only get 1 or 2 bar finds a month. Avarage they earn 20.000 to 30.000 tb. Learn before you talk I own a agogo in pattaya

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