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Thai Spirits in my room

Spirit worship in Thailand is extremely common and while you might not believe in spirits you can at least appreciate when people do. I think the whole thing is fascinating and sometimes scary. Pat (my girlfriend) started acting weired one day complaining about being sore all over her body she couldn't tell me what was wrong exactly except that she was in pain. It got bad one day and I told her she has to go to the doctor.

We went to the doctor who performed all types of tests blood work this and that and after 1200 baht worth of tests the doctor told us there was nothing wrong with her. Yeah you bet I was pissed having paid the money for the doctor to tell us nothing is wrong with her.

So we wake up the next day and Pat tells me she had a dream about "Tong Dam" a black spirit baby and that she has to go to the temple to get the spirit out of her and into a spirit holder. If they'll stop you nagging about being sore then sure go do it I say.

She travels up country to seek out the spirit holder and comes back with "Tong Dam" Looks like a little Thai dude doing a serpent stance with his hand. She tells me the spirit is now happy and she has to buy him some red fanta.


So above is the photo if the กุมาร or Goomahn as they call it in Thai. As you can see the spirit asked for a house a car and a girlfriend and gets his sugar rush on red fanta. Sometimes I'll leave out lollies and candy for Tong Dum to look over us and the room. As you can see in the photo he really does drink the Fanta you can see some left half way up the straw where he took a sip.

You can't just go out and start taking care of a Goomahn he comes to you in a dream or it's a feeling I'm told. When you go buy one apparently you stand away from the shop and he calls out to you so even if you were blind you could still find him.

My g/f says that he called out to her from across the street and she knew who he was, but when she got in the shop the Goomahn was black. She is scared of black Goomahn and asked him if she can have him stay in the white Goomahn instead. He was fine with that, maybe he knew somehow that his future girlfriend would prefer white guys I'm not sure but you can never be too sure about what the spirits are thinking.

Tong dum looks over us and wherever we go he has to come too, he must stay up high and never touch the ground. Thai's believe once you start taking care of the Goomahn that his pain is shared with you. Break the Goomahns leg and your leg will be broken too.

I'm pretty open to ideas and different ways of thinking and while all of this sounded like hogwash. That is until my g/f ordered Tong Dum to give me a bad stomach for a day as punishment for sleeping with a non sanctioned girl. Sure enough I couldn't leave the apartment for a day until I realised I had to buy some new Fanta get some hard boiled candy to give to Tong Dum and ask Pat to remove the hex. Within hours I was fine.

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3 Responses to Thai Spirits in my room

  1. Brian March 29, 2012 at 6:37 am #

    Chris tour lucky she cursed you stomac and not Chris Jr.

  2. Johnnie Walker April 1, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    That spirit looks decidedly female to me – and has a girlfriend. Hmmm.

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