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Why Bangkok go go bars aren’t that great

We could argue over whether Thailand is more famous for its culture or for its nightlife and adult entertainment. I don't think it matters much, except that to note for our purposes the naughty stuff is a lot more of interest.

The biggest and most famous city in Thailand is Bangkok. And the most famous form of nightlife or adult entertainment in Bangkok is definitely the go go bar. After all, where else can you go to see hundreds of chicks in bikinis or less dance on stage for the price of a draft beer. Plus have the ability to pay a barfine and take one (or two, three, etc.) of the chicks home for the night? Well there might be a few places, but none like Bangkok!

Yet these days I can't say that the go go bars are really a good deal. In many ways they're not that great at all. Some might argue that they have always been that way. Since they were originally set up to help army recruits part with their money there might be something to that. But I do think they were a lot better when I first go to Thailand. Here's why.

Lack of hot chicks

It used to be that the go go bars were filled with the cream of the crop in terms of looks, at least in the way most farang look at it. Years ago you had busload after busload of hot nineteen year olds coming down from Isan to make some Baht. There was a good chance they had toned bodies from a life of working in the rice fields or some other kind of farming.

These days the dancers are obviously a lot more into eating food than growing it. The average go go dancer has almost doubled in size from a couple of years ago. And that includes the additional of enough tattoo ink to kill a beluga whale. More body means more skin which apparently means room for more terrible tattoos.

Not only has weight and tattoo coverage gone up, but beauty has gone down. You can still find some pretty faces, but they're likely to be on coyote girls who aren't even available. The most beautiful women in Thailand are no longer attracted to work in the go go bars. I guess they have too many other ways to make money. That and they think that farang are attracted to ugly old single moms with sun worn skin.

Bad attitudes

It wouldn't be so bad to deal with chubbier chicks if they had better attitudes. They don't. These days most of them have much worse outlooks on life than the girls that came before them. Years ago if you asked a dancer her motivation for working in a go go, she'd tell you that she wanted to find a farang husband. Nowadays they'll tell you that their motivation is making money.

What they wont tell you is that they take the money they get and split it roughly three ways. One portion goes back to mom in the village who is taking care of their fatherless kids. The next portion goes to their Thai boyfriend or tom who will use it to buy whiskey. The third portion goes to add more tattoos to their body.

High prices

The final straw is how high the prices have gotten. Thailand was always viewed as a budget destination, and rightfully so. In most cases that is still true. But it no longer applies to the go go bars at all. At some point in the recent past it became cheaper to get a hooker in Europe than Thailand. Something doesn't sound right about that to me, even with the terrible exchange rate we're now getting.

These days you can very easily spend more than 10,000 Baht for a half hour of the starfish routine in a short time hotel that was used by 5 guys before you that day. Or worse still you spend thousands doing a barhop then end up at home wanking yourself off to ten year old videos of Thai chicks who are no longer in the game.

It's really no wonder that online escorts are getting so much more popular, even in cities like Bangkok that are filled with girlie bars. Why go through all of the above when you can just order up a chick you actually like for a reasonable price online? It doesn't surprise me at all that Smooci is now one of the most popular options in Bangkok. I predicted as much as soon as I saw it the first time!

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