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Dating vs mongering in Bangkok

Whether you have been reading this site for years or just showed up and started going through the archives, you can see that I have covered a mix of dating and mongering in Thailand. I guess most guys follow this same routine of dating when they can and mongering when they want to.

Of course you have the guys who think it is some kind of red badge of courage not to succumb to the temptations of the flesh trade. So they stick their nose up toward the sky and refuse to even buy a bottle of water for that tart they picked up down on Khao San Road. On the other hand you have the hardened sexpats who think all Thai girls are good for is a paid roll in the hay. Most of us are somewhere between those two extremes.

So today I want to compare dating and mongering in Bangkok. I have a lot of experience in both. You might even pick up some precious words of advice from me here. Or you could just weigh in with your own thoughts and experiences on the subject.

Dating in Bangkok

Dating, or just picking girls up for hookups in Bangkok, can be pretty damn simple. There are four bars in Khao San Road where you are more or less guaranteed to find a chick for sex if you are an average looking white guy or can at least chat up birds in English.

If you put in a little time, do some online dating, and even run a little day game, you are virtually guaranteed to find a girlfriend in Bangkok. Or you could do what I do and date multiple girls at once. It really is easy, especially if you follow the three steps I laid out earlier in the year.

The plus sides to dating in Bangkok are that you always have a chick around, you can get sex whenever you want it, and you have someone to help you navigate the city and the language if you need it. You can also meet your girlfriend's friends and maybe do them too later down the line.

There are down sides to dating in Bangkok. A big one is a limit on your freedom, even if its not what you would expect from a girlfriend in the west. You also have girls who ae clingy and hard to get rid of. Then there is the expense. Some people say that "regular girls" are "freebies." I know better. Even a 50 Baht bowl of noodles is an expense.

Mongering in Bangkok

Bangkok is world famous for its adult entertainment, which mainly means options for mongering. You can make it as easy or difficult as you want. You could learn Thai and surf the internet to find sideline girls and even Thai models who will do you for cash if you can convince them your farang meat isn't too big. You could take the middle road and walk into a go go bar then take a dancer out for the night. Or you could just stay in your bed and order up an escort from Smooci without even putting your clothes on.

The positives to mongering in Bangkok are that you have access to sex on demand, you can choose the girls you want to do, your more or less in control of the situation, and you can get the girls to leave whenever you want.

The negatives are fairly limited and few in my opinion. Maybe you have some risk of getting sick, but I doubt it's much worse than the one you face from regular girls. As you might know, sex ed isn't exactly high quality here in the land of smiles. The expense is probably the main issue. Dropping a few thousand Baht every day can add up fast. But you could always just rent a girl by the week, month, or year to save.

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