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The do’s and dont’s of dating a Thai girl

There are many things to know about dating a Thai girl and it seems everyone has their two cents worth of wisdom to add, but getting a list of what to do and what not to do while dating a Thai girl. For western men Dating a Thai girl might mean never having to wash the clothes, do the dishes, cook food, and enjoy endless nights with a young princess by their side. The reality can be just like that, but there are many more things to know about dating a Thai girl like Do try to be faithful to her and Don't say bad things about her family.

Using the advice in the following list of The do's and don'ts of dating a Thai girl your relationship with your Thai girl can be a lot less painful and less likely to end up a bad relationship. No matter where you met your Thai girl the do's and dont's are what will keep you both together.

Dont's of Dating a Thai girl

1. Don't insult her family. Insulting a Thai girls family is an easy way to get into a fight with her. Often a Thai girl will choose her family over you nearly every time and it doesn't matter if your married or getting married she is going to choose her family.

2. Don't give her everything she wants. Thai girls love to say "I want that" especially when they are out shopping. Thai girls don't understand that in the western world saying "I want this" and "I want that" can be offensive to the girls partner but in Thailand they just like to say it because the idea of having something makes them happy. It doesn't mean you need to buy everything for her, you can say it too!

3. Don't whinge or complain about Thailand. Complaining about the country your living in as an expat can really irate the locals not to mention your Thai Girlfriend. You may be super annoyed that they don't pick up the trash, the amount of Thai Bar girls there are or how angry you are about dual pricing.

4. Don't visit her parents. In Thailand visiting the girls parents means things are moving to the next level and that your relationship is now a committed one. Meeting the parents means that she has chosen you as your life partner and that after such a meeting will begin the nagging of when are we going to get married. Don't go visit the folks unless your ready for that next step.

5. Don't get her hopes up. Don't start dating a Thai girl and promise the world to her, offering to take care of her forever and love only her, only for her to find out that you've been lying to her and that none of what you said was true. You really shouldn't do this with Thai girls because they can become very emotional about it, cause a really embarrassing scene not only for you but others around you, threaten to kill herself or even worse try to kill you for smashing her dreams to a million pieces.

Do's of Dating a Thai girl

1. Do always be polite to your Thai Girlfriend. Being polite in Thailand will do you wonders and not because they expect people to be polite but because most Thai people in fact are impolite, your Thai girlfriend will just love you if your polite not just to her and her family but to everyone you meet. Being polite and having manners is what most people lack so if your polite and speak politely you'll enjoy a very healthy relationship.

2. Do buy her stuff. Your Thai girl is just like any girl back in the western world, buy her flowers and all is forgiven. It's great that in Thailand "stuff" is really cheap and that small token of appreciation is worth it. More often than not it's just spending some time to get to know her, i buy my Thai Girlfriend her favour Thai sweets at about 20 baht and keeps her happy all day.

3. Do take care of her. The term "Take Care" in Thailand basically means not just taking care in terms of financial stability but it also means take care of her emotionally. Thai girls like most are emotional and need from time to time to have those emotions taken care of, sit and listen to her and make her feel good.

4. Do take pride of your appearance and dress well. Often in Thailand the way you look means more than anything, dressing sharply when going out with your Thai girlfriend will make her proud to be with you, don't be a slob or she probably won't want to go anywhere with you.

5. Don't be so serious. I know for most expats in Thailand that the world we come from is very serious and uptight, but in Thailand what do you need to be all serious about, Thailand is such a relaxed place and I'm sure your Thai girl is hotter than most girls you'll get back home so why be so serious, if something aggravates you, shrug it off, look at your Thai girl and say, this is why I'm here. Thai girls don't like serious guys.

The above list of do's and don'ts of dating thai girls is far from complete but overall the most important things you need to know about dating Thai girls to make your relationship long lasting.

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3 Responses to The do’s and dont’s of dating a Thai girl

  1. John King November 18, 2011 at 9:57 am #

    But how to get a “date” in the first place, Sr. Chris? This is the mystery, Thai girls are “busy” or have no free time, or aren’t currently interested in having a bf, no mobile # or forgot it or don’t have a phone, or whatever the excuse of the day is.

    • LivingLhai August 10, 2014 at 12:22 am #

      yes John … i am facing this problem too…most thais seem to have a 18 hrs working day and on the day off they study or sth….. i had more dates in germany than having in thailand…..in germany the girl takes time for building up a relationship…why thai girls are so hard in giving their free time….or they wanna get paid off?

  2. Bentley January 10, 2012 at 4:01 pm #

    I enjoyed this article, especially useful I think is the part about being polite, and also about looking sharp, although to be honest I try to look presentable but I’d not get any kudos from GQ.

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