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Top 5 best Thai Language Only Dating Sites

Don't you wish you had a better playing field? Does it seem like every time you go on the major dating sites that you're competing against a billion other Farang. Well I've found 5 Thai language dating sites that have so few Farang it's almost no competition.

If you've been on the site for a year or more now you should be able to read Thai and if you can't then you're a VIP guy go download the book and take a day out of your life to learn. Because if for nothing else knowing how to read you're going to be able to better navigate and take advantage of these opportunities.

There's a reason why these sites flourish. Firstly if you can't speak or read a lick of English and live in a place where "marrying a farang" isn't widely spoken about and there are many towns like this in Thailand. These sites don't need nor do they really want the farang connection because it might scare the majority off the majority of users.

List of the best Thai Language Only dating sites in Thailand


Thai Mate is probably the biggest site out there and if you only use this site then you probably don't need the others. Thai Mate isn't the best designed site, similar to the rest of Sanook but that's just my opinion. It does have the largest database of something like 5million users!


Jubkoo is the quintessential Thailand dating site for Thai people. No English very clean design and the easiest dating site I've ever used. This place is a goldmine, the girls barely speak English but they are also untainted as well.


Love @ siamza is one of those confusing looking websites with too many links and and not very user friendly but it does have a huge member base and once you've figured out how to use it it's very affective.


Premium Mate is another great Thai only dating site, mostly good for Bangkok but I check it once a week to see if anything has popped up in Chiang Mai and other provinces I frequent.


Havn't heard of Nerkoo? Well you should have! 2 million likes on Facebook! What does Thai Friendly have 28 thousand? This network is huge and it's all about dating finding mates etc. Nerkoo as a dating network makes Thai Love Links look like a baby in the Industry. Don't expect it to work all the time though the site is plagued with outages as they struggle to keep up with the expansion.

Thai language only dating sites

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