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Best Dating Sites to Meet Thai women

There are many dating sites to meet Thai and your best odds to meet a nice Thai girl is to sign up to more than one. Many of the Thai girls on Thai dating sites can read and write English at an acceptable level however when you talk to them on the phone you will be surprised at how bad their English is. Most Thai girls learn to read and write English but unless they've spent a lot of time around foreigners their speaking skills will be pretty poor. It's a good idea to learn a bit of Thai yourself.

Pros of Thai Dating Sites

The great thing about Thai dating sites is the number of available Thai girls their are on their that can read and write English. Most of the Thai girls looking to date foreign guys know enough English to get by.

Cons of Thai Dating Sites

Because there are so many available girls there are just as many available guys, each vying for the same girl, don't be surprised if the girl your talking to is also talking to 20 other guys, she may even be seeing multiple guys at the same time. This can be frustrating but that's how the Internet dating world goes. Another con is that Thai dating sites have a lot of serial daters as well as girls who are just looking for someone to take them on a holiday and not after a serious relationship. These girls speak english well but you can tell the girls who learnt english themselves instead of in the class.

Thai Cupid

The best thing about the Thai Cupid dating site is the translation services they have with the gold package. the gold package allows you to translate messages from english to Thai and from Thai to English. Unfortunately the instant messanger doesn't allow you to do this though.

Thai love lines

The Thai love lines dating site to find Thai girlfriend is the best Thai dating site around, the interface and colour is much better than any other sites and makes it easy to find your messages and the instant messenger on this site works a lot better than others.

Best Thai Dating Sites To Meet Thai Women

Best Thai Dating Sites To Meet Thai Women

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