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Thai Bar Girls

Have you ever wanted to know what makes a Thai bar girl Tick? You might be quick to think they are all working in the bars so they can support their family back home. While that used to be the case years ago, a lot has changed since then, and many of the girls working in the bars are their because they either like the lifestyle or they generally need the money for themselves, whatever they don't need to live on, they aren't sending it home, they are using the money to buy clothes, telephones, and generally improve their standard of living.

Of course there are the bar girls who send money back to their parents, who may or may not be looking after the Thai bar girls kid. Some might think that girls who work at beer bars are the same kind of girl that works in the go go bar. Quite the opposite really, many of the Thai Bar Girls rarely if ever would set food in a go go bar. Why, because the kind of girl who works at a beer bar is a little lazier, probably not that pretty or rather she doesn't think she is, it's a self confidence thing.

How much does the typical Thai Bar Girl Make

Working at a beer bar, the pay is very lousy. Typically a Thai bar girl would make only 6000 baht a month, and to make that they need to get customers to buy them at least two drinks, normally the first two drinks that the girl gets she doesn't get any money for, after that though she normally gets a very high percentage of the profit of the drink, they normally just get an orange juice this way they can get more money. The amount of money she gets working at a bar is very dismal, she may as well be working in a factory and could make more money than that. However as a factory worker she can't get someone to pay her 1000 baht for the night now can she. The bar fine you pay, usually she gets a small cut of that, and the money you negotiate with her she keeps 100% off it. If a Thai bar girl can go with a John every night (impossible because of periods) she can make a good amount of money, actually more money than any English teacher in Thailand could make. Overall the beer bar and Thai bar girl can make money handsomely if she is a hard working. But have you ever seen a hard working Bar Girl....no.

What percentage of bar girls actually save money to open their own bar

Noone can really know the answer to this question. In my personal opinion I would say less than 0.1% would actually be able to save enough money to open their own beer bar. How is that if they are making such good money, and getting everything paid for them. Because most girls aren't willing to find a trick every day or few times a day. As I said before most Thai bar girls are very lazy, that's why their in the business to begin with. Most are uneducated and know nothing about saving money and if they did save enough money chances are their business adventure would fail and they'd be back to we're they started from again working in the bars, though now their probably too old to really get the kind of work they used to be able to get when they were 17/18 years old.

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