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Thai Girls Are Very Jealous

Thai girls aren't much different than girls from other countries, they get jealous. What makes a girl Jealous depends on the relationship also, but Thai girls are known not for just being Jealous but for getting crazy about their jealousy. Some say Thai girls are extremely jealous because there are so many other girls out there that would love to be with a foreigner. However jealousy among Thai girls isn't just for those girls with Farang boyfriends, I've seen Thai girls being jealous about their Thai husbands and boyfriends as well.

So where does the jealousy among Thai girls stem from if it isn't just because your a Farang with money. In Thailand it's very common for guys to have a girlfriend on the side or a Mia Noi (second wife). Thai girls are very aware of this and some put up with it but some go out of their way to make sure their boyfriends can't have another girl at the same time though she's probably cheating on you or her boyfriend.

Thai Girls Are Very Jealous

Thai Girls Are Very Jealous

Stories are abound about Thai girls who have killed their boyfriends and husbands and more often than not it's a Thai husband or Thai boyfriend that has been killed by an overly jealous Thai girlfriend. You just can't pick Thai girls either, most Thai girls only want to have you but some are willing to share you with someone else and don't get so jealous. After or before killing you the Thai girl will probably rip the other girl to shreds whether she can or not it will not be for lack of trying.

How to tell if your Thai Girl is Jealous

  1. Does she call you all the time to find out where you are what your doing and ask you to say "I love you" on the phone?
  2. Does she forbid you to go out with the boys?
  3. When you do go out with your friends does she interrogate you and ask you all sorts of questions like where your going what you'll be doing, who are you going with?
  4. Anytime you talk to an attractive girl does she like be extra judgemental about her like her hair is gross and face is all messed up?
  5. When your talking to friends or family on the phone for an extended period of time only to get off the phone and be interrogated about why you were talking so long and to whom?

If you've answered yes to any of the above questions you've probably got a jealous Thai girl, if you've answered yes to all of the questions above then more than likely you've got an overly jealous Thai girl and you should be careful.

Thai Bar girls are jealous of their clients

It's very well known that even for girls like Thai Bar Girls who you may have bought for a week or so will get extremely jealous and it's not even that they love you or are scared of their walking ATM walking away from them, they seem to get a connection with someone very quickly and then get jealous if anyone tries to take them away. No One has yet to figure this out but maybe you have a comment on it?

What to do if you have a overly jealous Thai Girl

First thing you need to do is spot the signs for jealousy quickly and then put them to rest as quickly as possible. If you can't stop her being jealous then your set up for a life time of questions like "where you going" "who you talking to" and never being able to have female friends. It's not a fun life to live and if she can't calm down I'm sorry to say you need to dump your Thai girl.

Bottom line is you need to deal with jealousy in any relationship but with someone who is super jealous and all the time and effects you mentally then you really need to ask yourself "Is it worth it" if it isn't then i say get rid of her, if not well you know what you'll have to suffer through and if you ever trip up and do the naughty on her and she finds out then you might just find yourself at the end of a long pointy knife!

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Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

21 Responses to Thai Girls Are Very Jealous

  1. gorge January 16, 2012 at 7:14 am #

    this post made me scared. hehe. thanks for this though.
    does bullying in FB friend counts?
    my BF broke up with her Thai GF and she bullies every girl in my BF’s FB. Im lucky im not in his friends list.

  2. pappa July 22, 2012 at 8:19 am #

    I’m married to a super jealous Thai woman, we have a six year old son together. He is autistik and totally dependent on me, his father. If we break up. My wife threatens to take my son away and make his life misserable. Just to punish me although that’s not the words she uses. She says it’s for me to be free and happy.
    Guys don’t you ever make my misstake. Look at every sign of jealousness and mental dissorder. Yes my wife has one as well I’ve come to gradually understand. Severe ADD and possibly autism. Life for both her and me is hell.

    • Chris July 22, 2012 at 8:24 am #

      Possibly the saddest comment I’ve ever had on here, sorry to here bro.

      • dj September 18, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

        Papa your not alone mate, hang in there things can get better. I’ve been with my jealous psycho GF for almost 8 years now. Today we went to the bank to send some money and she threw a fit because the cashier didnt know how to send money. The bank manager came over and told her to calm down. This happens everywhere we go, she causes a scene and is very hostile. Took me many years to see what she is like, but other times shes very protective and loyal. They are an odd species, but usually for what they lack they make up with in other ways. Yes mine is a jealous psycho, but loyalty, hard working (probably the ADD) and overly caring about her weight, looks, skin (probably her insecurity) well they make up for it.

    • Ed January 31, 2014 at 3:41 pm #

      So sorry to hear that. My stepmother was the same with my father through leveraging my step brother and sister, often inspired to her alcohol habit and the resulting jealous rages. Nearly 20 years on and it’s still the same, although now through other routes. Pure poison. Hope you’re doing ok.

  3. pappa July 22, 2012 at 10:44 am #

    She was not a bar girl. I met her through an online dating site. This was a few years back before more advanced sites. So I wrote very polite letters in Thai to the ladies I found to be interesting in there. I had the idea of being able to chose a partner of mutual liking. This girl stod out as somehow peculiar. One day I recieved a forward note that I had a parcel from Thailand to pick up at the post office. I had no idea from whom. I had just exchanged one or two letters with her. More with other girls.
    The parcel was from her, it contained some cute things she had made for me, knittings and the like. As well as a tea cup with her picture on it. I knew she was poor and that the cost for sending the stuff was considerable. That was the first Guilt card she played me. It made me feel obliged to go see her, my first plan was to make a trip to go visit her as well as another girl I had found some connection with. That was also the suggestion from the webbsite. But in real life it don’t work. When you go visit a non bar girl in Thailand she will make sure to come pick you up at the arrival and escort you to the airport when you go back. So I stayed with her the whole week.
    After a while together I discovered that her boss had not wanted to give her leave for a week to meet me. So she had quited her job at a hair saloon. That was the second guilt card. Further more I found out that she had sold her meagre belongings. A cd player and so on to finance meeting with me and sending the parcel. The third guilt card.
    After that trip she started to phone me around the clock. It started to get annoying but I understood that she was seriously in love. After a while I gave in and told her that I would arrange for her to come visit me on a three month visa on the condition that she stopped calling me in the middle of night and when I was hectic with my work.
    I started to se bad signs such as mood swings at that visa stay. When the stay went to an end. She wanted me to prolong it but I told her I would go see her i Thailand instead. She stressed that I must promise her to go. I told her that I was no liar or quiter. If I knew then what I know now I would have lied to her about that and just changed my phone number…. But at that time I was still dumb with a stupid sense of honour. Never lie etc. I knew she was totally in love with me, and she also made sure to play more guilt cards. She told me that after she had visited me in my country. Her family and neighbours would look bad at her if our relation didn’t continue.
    Well then it continued and we got married so here I am today.
    My message to you guys reading is. Don’t be dumb like me and buy the guilt card. It will only drive you in missery. If you throughly love a lady. Then go for it, but make sure she is not the overly jealous type. Or for that part, on the other side of the scale a scammer who doesn’t love you back.

    • ragged September 18, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

      i agree totally with you brother

      After many turbulent relationships in my home country i came to Thailand. I suprisingly had my wits about me, i had absolutely no intention on ever falling in love with a Thai. I knew all the stories and knew they were mostly true, so i came with just the intentions of fun. However, i fell in love with Thailand instead!
      I really loved the place and wanted to stay, i met a girl and she was a stunner, but the odd thing was, she didnt work, she let me stay in her condo for free, she paid for loads of things and even bought me a guitar for my birthday. She was also great fun to be with and a truly kindred spirit (however) also a compulsive liar and she was actually married to a farang and was getting sent money lol.

      Took me one year to fathom it out, and after that it went really bad and she left to go live the UK. I was quite heartbroken and confused, also felt alone in Bangkok as most farangs i met didn’t stay for more than a year before realizing, this is a dangerous place to get attached too.

      SO… i thought ill try again, this time with someone LOYAL and more honest. Some friends set me up with an absolute stunner, she had her own business her own car, i thought this has to be the right way forwards, no bargirls right?

      well my materialistic yearnings must have made me some bad karma. The girl was really boring and never smiled, i actually felt sorry for her that such a beauty would have such a deep depression, and as i was depressed too i thought maybe we could help each other. So i battled on with this girl, she never revealed much, never gave away too much, which kept me curious.

      8 years later and we live together, have 4 companies together, 3 cars, 2 houses and office and god knows what else on its way. Sound great huh? Wrong!
      She is jealous, insecure and with major mental issues, she is violent, aggressive and very uneducated. But the most dangerous aspect of the relationship is ‘she loves me’ or at least the THAI version of love ‘obsessive disorders’
      The only thing we ever found to have in common was we are both hard working, so we built an empire together, its now 11pm and im at work and so is she still. this happens 7 days a week. We have created a hell together…

      So even though i came here with my wits about me, i knew what to look out for, i avoided the BG’s. But look what happened? These days with working such long hours and her manipulative and soul sucking behaviour, ive become a once happy go lucky smiling guy to someone who laughs maybe 3 times a year.
      But i’m successful in business and have a trophy wife and live in a beautiful tropical country and have everything. Seriously guys, life means so much more… Find your soul mate not a trophy with mental issues and shark fins.

      • Chazz January 27, 2013 at 5:38 am #

        Great post, Not much more I can say.

      • Alan November 16, 2016 at 3:33 am #

        Wow…great post 3 years later. Thanks for the great advice. I will be visiting Thailand in December. I have loads of ladies to visit and have to really think about what I want. I am 65, semi-retired. Thanks again.

        • Eastwick July 4, 2017 at 3:17 am #

          I have a friend who married a young Thai woman and brought her to the states. He is now miserable. She is hard working at home, good in bed, and devoted to him but also insanely jealous. Goes though all his things, looking for pictures of old girlfriends. Even treats his son (with ex wife) badly because she sees him as a threat. He says all the time that she is a mental case but cannot leave because he has to support her due to immigration laws, since he got her the VISA.

  4. pappa September 19, 2012 at 5:35 am #

    Thanks guys. I’m sorry to see you’re in a similar situation as me. Brothers in despair so to speak.
    Interesting to read your stories and see some similarities.
    Really striking is the bad temper of our respective ladies, but also, their often high level of energy and work ethics. A sign of ADD if you ask me.
    Jealousy is universal indeed, but I think Thai ladies have a sense of cutting edge competition inbetween themselves for desireable men. There are many interested so to speak. That can trigger individuals with an issue to get obsessive.

    I really feel for you guys, but hopefully there’s light in the tunnel for you as I feel there is for me!
    Currently I have come to a point where my wife slowly is absorbing and, I hope, accepting the fact that I want a divorce. Yes there has been a few suicide attempts, many nights of crying, panicking and utter despair from her. But gradually the fact is sinking in. She feels incredible sorry for herself, but in her good moments she now seems to accept that I feel the way I feel.
    What makes our situation difficult is our little son, From the age of 3 y and until now 6 y I have taken care of him myself. Right now my wife has two jobs, one in the night and then her struggling company as foot and nail terapist at day.
    So she rarely sees her son, and when she do she and him mostly end up fighting like two children.
    Still when she has her bad moments she uses him as a tool, threathening me with taking him away from me for ever, making his life as miserable as she’s certain her’s would be without me. On the days or moments when she has her good mood she tells me that he’s better of living with me and that she will go back to live with her parents after making some money here. Or sometimes she talks about her going to live alone in a monastery.

    But the mood swings are always there, I’ve learnt to live with them and just shrug it of. I try to live a parallel life in wait for her to come to terms with a divorce. I have given her a grace time to accept that.


  5. Bonnie January 11, 2013 at 4:58 am #

    Totally agree with my current gf but now I have interest with her friend thatsc call a fair ame she like to cheat I do to her friend by he way I already fell unloved with her friend

  6. Robin March 25, 2013 at 12:44 am #

    In the last paragraph you talk about dumping a gar girl, I can tell you that’s not easy. If you think they are violent and dangerous when when just jealous, wait until you tell them by words of conduct you are finished with her. This is especially true if she knows or suspects a new lady is part of the reason.
    Politely suggest you should expand the article if you have any experience or suggestions on dealing with this nightmare. Make no mistake, these looney tunes can cause you great embaraassment, especially if the tantrum reaches the level at which the police need to become involved.

    • Chris March 25, 2013 at 9:23 am #

      That’s a great idea for a new article, thanks for the comment.

  7. Steve September 28, 2013 at 3:26 pm #

    After reading this I have to wonder if a rumor I heard is true. Are Loraine Bobbit incidents rare? or happen at all. I was told that it is not so uncommon and there are in fact many doctors that train to re-attach mans best friend.

  8. elwyn powell December 8, 2014 at 8:51 pm #

    I have been with a thai girl for 3 years she has bleed me dry and then not answered my calls for the last 16 days,I posted her in semi nude shoots,she soon got back in contact but this was the only reason she did,I took a loan out to pay her loan,then she ran.thai women past time is to rip ferang off move to england have a child then go to court and take half the mans wages and half the house back to her true family back in thailand.This is the long game.they have no morality,and everything is based on money.

    • Chris December 10, 2014 at 2:30 pm #

      Let’s see the photo’s and we’ll see if she was worth it 🙂 But seriously dude, taking a loan out to pay her loan is truly dumb move. Learn you’re lesson, when it’s all about money the trick is to not give her any or as little as possible, if she walks fine, find another.

    • Paul August 22, 2015 at 12:38 am #

      NEVER EVER GIVE YOUR THAI GIRLFRIEND MONEY. Pay for stuff when she is with you but when you go back home, she can get a job!

      If you have kids and married, different story…

      If you want your Thai girl to look at you as a wallet pay all the time. I tell my Thai exs, they can buy me a drink or something every couple days.

      Thailand has the highest adultery rate in the world for men. Women are just as bad. Some Thais believe it’s ok if their husband cheat on them. They accept also being beaten.

      I would recommend reading up on the manosphere or PUA. You learn to spot the good from the bad cause those guys are experts.

      Best to find a virgin or a woman that has had less then 5 boyfriends that were long term. Anything else is to much of a gamble.

  9. Natthakan July 24, 2016 at 4:36 pm #

    Everything that you talk about Thai women are just from individual experience. There are many Thai ladies who been raised in good home or family. THEY DON’T HAVE THose KINDs OF DISGUSSING PERSONALITY. They deserve respect from you. When You said Thai woman, so it means all Thai woman. There are a lot decent and educated Thai women inThailand who don’t even have no idea of what you are talking. The thing is they don’t even like men from other countries, they like their own kind. This is not the matter of how thai woman are but WHERE AND HOW YOU MET HER!!! IF YOU MET HER IN THE BAR, of couse SHE’s a BAR GIRLS SHOW GIRLS PROSTITUDES. THEY ARE off for MONEY not for LOVE.
    They are looking for way to rip you off and tear you apart. We are not getting around them. You come TO Thailand yo find relationsip in a bar or even on a net. So you get what you started from.
    I am Thai woman who married with a Britist man and alway be nice to him. I have been with him for 15 years. Our love grows more and more everyday.
    If They are jearous, you must look at yourself. You may show no security. If she check on you, she may BE worry about you. Whenever you want to start your life with someone, learn about them in and out, make sure she speak your language because communication is very important. These are the priciples.

    God knows you shouldn’t judge all Thai woman the same.

    • NotMagnus October 19, 2017 at 10:08 am #

      Haha Good effort Thai lady 👏

  10. Kui October 9, 2016 at 6:51 am #


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