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When Thai Girls Ask For Money

You won't start dating Thai girls for long before you get hit up for some money. First of all your OK with it. I mean ten bucks here for dinner, 20 bucks maybe for some shoes all good. Then before you know it you're getting hit up for thousands of baht and some girls even have the nerve to ask for tens of thousands of baht. I don't care how much money you have when someone starts asking for hundreds of dollars you gotta ask yourself WTF are you thinking.

Honestly the first time I experienced the money thing was a few weeks into living in Thailand and a girl asked me money for a taxi. I didn't think anything of it. I had no idea how much the taxi costs so i gave her 500 baht. Next day she comes over we fool around again and at the end of the night I was happy again to give her the 500 baht home. Third day though she comes and instead of sending her home we went out to eat. After eating we go to get into a cab, she's trying to make me get into the cab first but i wanna send her off. In the end we get into different cabs at the same time. As i'm driving off in my cab I look in the mirror to see her getting out of her cab?? She was always taking the bus home and collecting the money...clever little shit.

I need money for this I need more for that never bloody ends. After 5 years in Thailand now I can say that the truth is 2000 baht is all girls need. It's like the first number they pull out of their head. How much do you need? 2000 baht. WTF. I need money to pay for rent it's 2000 baht. I gotta fix the bike 2000 baht. I gotta clean the bullshit out of my mouth 2000 baht.

Hey I understand things are tough in Thailand. Wages are so low it's ridiculous yet somehow people have survived without asking me for money.

I remember when my ex moved in with me years and years ago about a week later she says her mom needs money. Oh OK, how much? 2000 baht. Sure it's like 80 bucks I thought at the time. No sooner did I send the 2000 baht I was told I had to send 5000 baht a month thereafter. WTF? In Thailand like any part of Asia children are expected to send money home. That's all fair and good but the problem we have as Farang is many girls are simply dumping their responsibility onto us. It's true you send money home but it's also true that the girl is supposed to help with actually earning that money too.

No not all Thai girls are like this, actually the ones who work hard and earn their own shit are not the girls i'm talking about...initially. No those girls wanna suck you into getting a house, car, and lifestyle from you. For haters out there...whatever. There isn't a man who's come to Thailand and didn't get hit up for some cash from a seemingly desperate Thai girl. You know the stories mums in hospital, dads car broke down, uncles cousins sister in laws daughter needs money for school. Just because someone asks you for money though doesn't mean you have to hand it over!

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