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How to know if your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you

Thai girls are famous for their lies and deceit and cheating is just something that most Thai girls have done at one point or another. Just like their Thai male counterparts Thai girls rarely think too much about something on the side. The problem isn't limited to just bar girls and bad girls, even good upstanding women in the country are known to cheat on their partners.

How to know if your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you

How to know if your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you

If your Thai girlfriend and you are not living together it's more than likely she is seeing someone else, she may not be doing anything with someone else but it's almost certain she is out there with other guys that could end up being something more than friends. If you live overseas and she is here alone, don't for one minute think she is sitting at home waiting for you to come back to Thailand to see her, your kidding yourself, even if you are sponsoring your Thai honey there is no guarantee she is going to be faithful to you.

Honesty in any relationship they say is the most important, and I say you need to always be honest with someone especially if you are sleeping around on them, why lie about it in the first place especially if you don't get a thrill about lying about such things. If you are open with her you might get lucky that she will be honest with you, especially when you confront it about her. If you suspect your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you and she lives with you, don't expect her to tell you the truth so use the following points to figure out if she is cheating on you first before confronting her.

  1. Always whenever you are in a conversation her your Thai Girlfriend, make sure you say you love her, and make sure she Say's it back to you, it's better to use English in this scenario as if she is with a guy she won't say it back, if you make her say it every time you'll know when she is with someone else.
  2. Does she turn off her phone when she is with you? Does she have multiple sim cards, these are tell tale signs.
  3. Does your Thai girlfriend go on about some guy she met down at 7 eleven? Yeah, she bought a six pack and went back to your room with him!
  4. Is your girlfriend a little too friendly with the toms or other girls, don't be surprised to find out that your Thai girlfriend is really a lesbian. She could be cheating on you with a different gender, most Thai girls don't think this is cheating and do it for some sort of gratification. Most Dees go on to find male husbands but always seem to sneak out the back to meet their Tom. Most guys married to these girls have no idea about their lesbianism.
  5. When your being intimate with her does she start doing some weired stuff you've never seen her do before, this is a tell tale sign.
  6. Often girls these days meet other guys on the Internet so if she starts spending more time on the computer and closes things quickly when you enter the room, this could be a tell tale sign that the Thai honey is really a Thai cheater. Put a key logger on her computer, you'll quickly find out if she's talking to other guys, but if it's all in Thai and you don't read Thai you'll have some problems there, just take it to someone to read for you.

If you end up finding out that your Thai Girlfriend did cheat on you, don't worry, use it to your advantage or just find another, there is a million single Thai girls and most would love to have a foreign boyfriend, but don't be surprised if she doesn't want it to end...

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5 Responses to How to know if your Thai girlfriend is cheating on you

  1. Namiko June 21, 2012 at 10:24 am #

    Chris it seems to me there is so much hype about Chiang Mai !?
    Ch.M.is not worthed all that


    Much better than Ch. Mai

    • Chris June 21, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

      The weather in Chiang Mai is way better than in Hat Yai (which I think you’re referring to) the girls down there are darker than isaan girls!

  2. Namiko June 21, 2012 at 3:29 pm #

    NOTHING WRONG about dark beauties, Chris don’t you think so ?
    Weather: humid & hot here (now) and same in Hat Yai all year.

    I believe it is a cultural stuff: undervalued south and overvalued
    north; food is better there and girls more affordable -move to the South !

    • Chris June 21, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

      Nothing wrong everyone has their own preference. I prefer the Lanna culture, Buddhists and cool nights, not really humid in Chiang Mai. Most guys I know rarely pay for any girls here in Chiang Mai even the sex workers! Not to say that Chiang Mai is better then anywhere else if you love the beach you’ll hate it here right! Everyone has their own ideas of paradise in Thailand, mine is Chiang Mai

  3. Rie March 11, 2017 at 1:30 pm #

    #4 reminds me of my younger’s brother’s situation – he’s seeing, among others, a Thai lady who’s still attached to her Tom partner. He gives her a monthly allowance, some of which I suppose goes to the Tom partner, which is the perhaps the reason why Tom lets Dee see my brother whenever he’s in BK. I’m surprised to find out that most Dees have to ‘sneak out to meet their Toms’ – IMO the two relationships feed entirely different needs, whatever. My brother’s Tom is very secure about her ability to fulfill her Dee’s emotional needs, which is probably why this particular lady doesn’t nag for attention/TLC/is the most drama-free girl he’s seen, I think. Do farangs actually worry about Tom sides?

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