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Requirements For Getting Married In Thailand

The marriage of  a UK, USA, or Australian citizen where registered with the government of Thailand is legally binding and recognised in your own country. This is also the case for citizens from most other countries. Though in almost all circumstances you will need to not only register your marriage in Thailand but you'll have to do it again in your home country, even though it's recognized, doesn't mean they know about it.

Residency Requirements For Getting Married In Thailand

You don't need to be legal resident in Thailand to get married, you can be on vacation as well, but in order to register your marriage it will have to be to a Thai citizen if you want it done quickly, otherwise you will need to get permission from the local consul, which can take up to a month, usually you can pay a fea to expediate the process.

All documentation must be original.

A Valid Passport
Affidavit of Freedom to Marry under Thai Law:
This is an Affidavit notarized by your Embassy or Consulate stating that you are both free to marry and in effect they have no objection to you doing so. You will be required to visit your Embassy or Consulate in Bangkok to obtain this document and you will each require individual Affidavit.
If you are divorced - a Decree Absolute
If you are a widower - a Death certificate and previous Marriage Certificate.
Proof of income may be required:
This is stated on the affidavits if any income is declared. (Best to check with your Wedding Planner or Tour Operator).
Prenuptial agreement:
If you are planning to have a prenuptial agreement this will not be recorded by the registrar in Thailand.Marriage Certificate

If you get legally married in Thailand, you will receive two identical official wedding certificates.

The wedding certificates will be in Thai. A certified translation is normally sufficient should you need your marriage certificate for official purposes in your home country. I would highly recommend obtaining a translated certificate(s) before you leave Thailand and this should generally be offered to you by your Wedding Planner or Tour Operator.

If immigration visas are needed by one of the newly weds a "Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs" certified translation is needed.

Legal Registration

In Thailand the legal registration of your marriage which will take place in the local registration office (Amphur) is the binding part of your marriage.

You don't have to have some sort of ceremony to get married, this is just simple paperwork, well as simple as you can get in Thailand.

At the registration office you will be required to have a translator present who speaks both English and Thai and the registration office will arrange the witnesses.

Requirements For Getting Married In Thailand

Requirements For Getting Married In Thailand

Once your married your going to want to go on your honeymoon, and why not spend your honeymoon in Thailand, there are so many fabulous destinations around the country as well, make it a memorable time.

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