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Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery done in Thailand

One of the best reasons to have plastic and cosmetic surgery done in Thailand are the 5 star resorts and hotels in Thailand in which you can find yourself recuperating at. Plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation are favoured to do in Thailand not only because of the recuperating facilities and the idea of a holiday but because many of the hospitals and private practices are world class. In fact most of the doctors performing procedures hold degrees from some of the top universities in the world, and typically have worked overseas for many years before coming back to open their own practice in Thailand.

You might have heard some horror stories about someone getting plastic surgery done in Thailand but at the same time I've heard horror stories done in california USA and sydney Australia. The most important thing to do is research, find the best plastic surgeon and facilities you can and try to get in contact with some of their past patients who will no doubt have something to say about what their procedures they had done, though don't expect the doctor to tell you their patients name, it's easier to just google the doctors name and see if they have had good or bad reviews, like with any medical procedure choose the doctor carefully by following due diligence.

What does it cost to get plast surgery done in Thailand

Like everywhere prices always depend on the doctor the hospital and what procedure your getting done. However typically the prices are normally half of what they are back in your own country, even more cheaper too if you don't choose a well known doctor, but hey if you intend to do this in a foreign country go with a respected doctor with lots of good reviews.

Breast Augmentation
cosmetic surgery otherwise known as breast implants, breast enhancement, breast enlargement or the tabloid press favorite 'boob job' is one of the Worlds most popular cosmetic surgery procedures and also our leading requested surgical procedure.

Breast Uplift
cosmetic surgery will raise and reshape sagging breasts. The breast uplift repositions the breast to allow a fuller, perkier and more youthful appearance. Breast uplifts are frequently done in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery or breast implants in order to "lift" the breasts by increasing their volume and content.

Breast Reduction
cosmetic surgery removes any excess breast and fatty tissue and can also reduce the areola (area around the nipple) and lifting the breast. A breast reduction is for a smaller better proportioned younger appearance making the breasts lighter, and firmer and in proportion.

Most Sought after Plastic Surgery procedures in Thailand

Most foreigners coming to Thailand are typically looking for a Tummy Tuck or Breast Implants. The domestic market however are more intersted in Nost Augementation and chin augmentation. Thai people have a thing about their noses being flat and not long like a foreigners and so you'll see a lot of Thai people who have had a nose job done in Thailand. A lot of foreign men though love to get their Thai girlfriends breast implants, though in the end they are buying them for someone else as more often than not the relationship fails.

Ladyboys in Thailand get all sorts of Plastic Surgery

Ladyboys in Thailand love to get plastic surgery, most of them what to change their gender which is Thailand most reknown for in the plastic surgery field, i heard figures of 30,000 sex changes a year are performed in Thailand...Wow not only ladyboys but Toms like to get their breasts cut off a procedure that costs only 50,000. I wonder if they ever regret doing that, but your in Thailand, so you can always pay to get them back.

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