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What to eat in Thailand

Since moving to Thailand my biggest problem has always been what to eat, if you don't live in Thailand then you're probably reading this thinking "wow, which I had that problem" but for those living here hopefully you can relate, eating everyday is a challenge.

The challenge isn't because the food is no good but rather there is so much variety that you just don't know what to eat, almost everyone eats out because it's easier and cheaper (if you live by yourself). I'm sitting here right now thinking what to eat, it's about 8:15pm and if I don't get something to eat by 9 i'll be in trouble, most decent restaraunts in Chiang Mai close by 9. You might dissagree however there are hundreds of little shops dotted around the place with some really great cooks but they only cook in their little shop and for their own clientelle, these are the shops i love because the food is made with love.

After 9 only bigger restaraunts are open, others are too but the choice becomes more limited, me myself i'm not a fan of eating on the side of the road it's just dirty, it's really a crap shoot, sometimes you'll get sick sometimes you won't, i prefer to stay away from that kind of food, but sometimes it's unavoidable unless of course i'm eating from the Donut Bike!

So what to eat, even sizzler closes here at 9 so does pizza hut and most other fast food chains, I think they all stop serving because people set up selling food at night (not during the day it's too hot and well, they want to sleep that's another story). I guess it's a plate of Kow Soi or perhaps noodles from my favourite noodle shop. Sometimes your just not in the mood for rice rice and more rice, you need some variety, but in the end i'll end up eating some sort of rice dish because it's more affordable.

Wishing I had a leg of lamb as well as an oven, the price of Living In Thailand.

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