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Where to Pick Up Russians in Pattaya

This is a topic that never quite goes away, and it’s one that usually sparks a debate.  Single Western guys on the prowl in Thailand are generally looking for Thai women.  But there’s a growing population of Russians in tourist hot spots like Pattaya; which begs the question – where would a guy go to pick up one of these Russian girls?  It’s an innocent question, yet it is usually met with a nasty response by a few “purists,” who think it’s downright deviant to chase non-Thai women in Thailand.  In past online discussions on the topic, you’d see comments like, “Go to Russia if you want a Russian girl you stupid moron; this is Thailand.”  And you’d even see some white women bashing, with comments like, “if you want one of those gross whales, stay home.”   Apparently, some guys resent white women for not treating them as well as Thai ladies do.  I don’t think it’s healthy and I think it’s a little crazy to judge a guy harshly because he has some interest in non-Thai women.   Nobody comes to Pattaya for the purpose of finding Russian women, but a hot chick is a hot chick, regardless of where she’s from.  And after being with Thai women exclusively for a while, I think it’s natural to get the urge for a little white meat.  So back to the title question, I’m going to take it seriously (sorry haters), and I’m going to give it a thorough reply.




What’s the Deal with the Russian women in Pattaya?

It’s hard to find clear answers on the topic, so I thought I’d give a general breakdown of what most Russian girls in town are actually up to.

Tourists – Most of the white women you see are in Pattaya are Russian tourists.  They are not prostitutes and they are almost always with their boyfriend or husband, usually with other couples too.  Many of them buy packages from Russian tourist agents, which include flight, transportation to Pattaya, hotel, and sometimes even some activities.   Most of these couples are not from Moscow.   Some of them are really pretty, but you’re not going to get anywhere with them.

Girls with Regular jobs – It’s hard to give an exact number, but there are some Russian girls working regular jobs in Pattaya.  These girls may work for real estate companies, selling condos to other Russians.  And some of them may have a role in a legitimate business that they operate with their husband or boyfriend.  They exist, and some of them are decent looking and even single.  I’ve seen a few with Thai boyfriends, which was interesting.  I also know someone who wound up marrying one that he met working in the same industry.  But these girls are an endangered species, and it’s almost impossible to separate them from tourists unless you meet them while they’re working.  And even in that case, there’s a decent chance that they’re not single.  So I wouldn’t count on an encounter with a girl like this.

GoGo girls -  There’s a couple of GoGo’s in Pattaya that feature Eastern European women, such as Galaxy Cabaret.   Notice that I didn’t say “Russian,” I said Eastern European.  And that is because most of these women are not from Russia, but nearby countries like Ukraine.   Galaxy has been around for a while and has a good location on Walking Street, but other “Russian GoGo’s” come and go.  They’re really expensive so don’t even bother unless you have money to blow.  And don’t expect it to be as easy as things are in a Thai GoGo.  Some of the girls in these places try to get as much as they can out of you without going home with you.  Some will let you pay money to spend time with them outside of the club, but they will not go home with you.  It may be possible to get everything you want, but for a similar amount of money you can probably just buy a round trip flight to Poland.  I’ve been in a couple of these places before, and I usually see Middle Eastern and Japanese men with money to burn.  They’re comparable to strip clubs in the U.S. when it comes to prices and to leaving alone.  One thing I’ll say though, 4 and 5 years ago they had some gorgeous girls in some of these places.  That is no longer the case.  You’ll see some 7’s and 8’s, but that’s about it.  I think they used to make a lot more money, but it’s possible that the internet has crippled some of their potential business, as many sites tell guys not to go to these places because of the inflated prices.

Escorts –   This is part myth-part reality.  There are Eastern European escorts in Pattaya, that is true.  Good look finding them though!  I’ll actually give you some tips for this below, but for the most part, this is off the table.  The actual network must be very small, and I think it’s mostly for Russian men.  I once had the opportunity to get one, but here was the deal:  5,000 baht for an hour AND I had no idea what I was getting.  A girl, who was supposedly decent looking, was supposed to show up at my hotel.  I passed; just not worth if you don’t know what you’re getting.  That wasn’t the only time I had the opportunity though, more on that below.  I believe some of these girls can be found at certain clubs late on weekend nights.  But it’s going to be almost impossible to figure out who qualifies, and you’re taking a risk by going up to a girl, whose husband could be sitting at a table 20 feet away for all you know.  I know better than to mess with Russian guys, it’s not a great survival tactic!

Yea, but how do I get a Russian girl in Pattaya?

Oh, you’re a stubborn one, eh?  I just told you that they are an endangered species, and that they’re really not there for Western men in the first place.  But I’ll give you credit for being persistent.  Ok, if you really want to get with an Eastern European girl, here are your only options:

1) Make friends with a Russian guy who spends a lot of time in the city.  This is by far the best and SAFEST way to go about this.  Most of the Russian guys in Pattaya are really nice once you actually start talking to them.  And if you buy them a few shots of vodka you may very well make a friend for life.   If they’ve been in town long, they can hook you up with an escort.  This is how I had my opportunities.  I told you about the time I could have paid 5,000 for a girl that I didn’t have the luxury of seeing first.  Well, there was another time where I was able to get a look, and the price was the same.  I believe the girl did work in one of the GoGo’s, but I wasn’t sure.  Anyway, I guess the standard price that Russian guys pay is 5,000 baht.  My Russian friend also told me that if I ever went out with him on the weekends that there was a good chance I’d meet a single (non-prostitute) Russian girl.  But that it would be impossible for me to do this without him.

2) You have some sort of shot with one of the dancers if you happen to find them on or near Walking Street just after they get off work.   I’ve heard of this working on a number of occasions, but to me it sounds a little crazy.  A lot of these girls walk back to their apartments after work, but they usually do it in packs.  IF you see one of them who is alone, you’re going to freak her out if you start following her.  So please don’t do that.  But if you gently approach her without coming off like a maniac, it’s possible that she’ll hear you out.  Language barrier aside, if she’s one of the girls who is an actual escort, she might be OK with earning an unexpected 3,000-5,000 baht.  If she’s one of the dancers who does not have sex for money, she’ll probably say some mean things to you, and then you’ll be on your way.

3) Also a little too crazy for me, is the option of trying to find one at disco’s like Mixx, late on a weekend night.  I’ve also heard of this working before.  But you’d really have to observe the girl for a little while to confirm that she is not there with a man.  And it’ll take some time and effort to play that off without looking like a stalker.  And then even if you’re sure she’s not there with a man, and your instincts tell you that she is a prostitute, the approach is going to be a little difficult. Keep in mind that she’s not used to English speaking men approaching her and that she probably doesn’t speak much English. So, I think it would go a lot smoother if you befriended a Russian man who went with you.

I’ve had some people ask me about meeting Russian women on the beach, like in Jomtien (which is filled with Russians) or even in Koh Larn.   They do love the beach, and some of them look pretty damn good in a bikini.  But it’s impossible to tell if a girl is single or not, and you know there’s a good chance that she’s not.  If you spoke the same language, it would be possible to start a conversation and figure things out without being too obvious.  But if you don’t speak her language (and I’m sure you do not), then I don’t see how in the world this strategy can work.

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2 Responses to Where to Pick Up Russians in Pattaya

  1. Alf November 26, 2017 at 3:24 pm #

    Well written and detailed article which gives a good panorama of russian girls presence in Phuket.
    Just to tell that, meeting a russian freelance in the Mixx is possible and quite easy. In the bar part, you have several of them, alone near a table. If you say “Hi”, they will answer quite quickly, writing something like “4000 bath” on their smartphone… On the other hand, approaching russian (tourist) girls on the dance floor is nearly impossible. Recently (july 2017) Mixx had some work in progress, so I don’t know if the russian freelance still can be found there.
    Another way to meet russian girls is the dating site mamba.ru. With some luck you can find english speaking girls there.

  2. guy December 9, 2017 at 10:33 am #

    nice write up, very easy to find older russian women in jomtien if you like milfs 555

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