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The real GoGo Guru’s of Bangkok

Probably one of the most underrated websites in Bangkok is BangkokNightlife.com it isn't getting near as enough attention as it deserves. There's a hundred or so blogs talking about Bangkok some are boring some are old news and most really suck. Most of you guys know me as the guy from Chiang Mai but probably don't know that when I was young I lived in Bangkok and visit regularly and that 50% of VIP members live in Bangkok. I absolutely love the nightlife in Bangkok and while most guys head to Nana you'll likely find me at one of those expensive G-Clubs which is really more my scene and since I don't live in Bangkok nor visit the GoGo's there I'd be an ass to write much about them as you kinda gotta go every week to keep updated.

While other bloggers in Bangkok are snapping photos of girls I wouldn't sleep with for free, the guru's at Bangkok Nightlife are creating awesome videos of the hottest go go clubs in Town, where other bloggers are talking about some cheap ass Taco stand these guys are creating a library of outstanding videos of the best places to eat in Bangkok and so much more.

Check out some of the videos below and definitely go check out their site at BangkokNightlife.com

go go bars in Bangkok

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  1. Tommy February 14, 2014 at 11:40 pm #

    And now, Bangkok Nightlife made me discover your site.

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