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Go Go Bars and GoGo girls in Thailand

Any man wanting to seek out the dark side in Thailand will inevitably check into a Go go bar and check out the Thai Go Go girls. But before you do you should probably read the following detailed explanation of how a go go bar works what you can and can't do with a go go girl what the lingo is and how to make sure you're not completely lost or susceptible to getting completely ripped off.

Where to Find Go Go Bars in Thailand

If you're in Bangkok it's very simple get in a cab and say Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza and you'll be right at the action I recommend the Tilac Bar in Soi Cowboy, Spanky's in Nana Plaza, and in Patpong a place called Club Electric Blue. In Pattaya I recommend place called the Gentlemen's Club Pattaya. Chiang Mai place called Foxy Lady.

Before going into a Go Go Bar

You can't know what a Go Go bar is like by the girls standing out the front (if there even is any). The people out the front of a Go Go bar are there to help get you inside, what the place looks like on the outside is no indication of what it's like on the inside either. Often outside of the gogo bars you'll have spruckers male and female enticing you in, the girls will say "Hey Sexy Man" to extremes with signs saying "Free Head jobs inside".

Going inside a Go Go Bar

check bin holder thailand go go bar

When you first enter a go go bar in Thailand you are expected to buy a drink. You don't have to drink alcohol just don't be shocked that a water can cost as much as a beer. In all cases when you order the drink your bill will be added to the slip of paper then put into another cup/holder when you want to leave simply say "check bin".

It's often loud in Go Go bars and while many girls who have been around a while speak decent English many do not, if you want to sit around talking to girls go head to a bar, a go go bar advantage is that the girls are dancing around poles with next to nothing on so you can make your most informed decision.

Lady Drinks

If you do want a girl to come sit with you then if she is looking at you just wave her over but often it's just easier to talk to the server and tell them you which girl you want to sit with you. Each girl should be wearing a number to make it easier for you to call her over. Now this is where it gets tricky because you don't have to buy the girl a drink but it's expected so unless you want to be all swift and get right to the question "how much" it's probably better to buy her a drink and have a few words with the young lass. It's also a good idea because she might be completely nuts! Exchange some words and give it at least five minutes before you start thinking about whether or not you want her around. But this is entirely up to you. Remember if you want her to keep sitting with you you'll likely have to keep buying her more drinks. Just remember if you refuse to buy her the drink it's more than likely she'll just up and leave.

Paying for Sex in a Go Go

In all Go Go bars in Thailand you have to pay what is called a Bar Fine. The cost of the Bar Fine can vary and on top of that is the girl. Make sure it's understood the difference between short time and long time. Short time you take the girl out have sex with her and come back typically this takes up to 90 minutes. Taking the girl long time costs up to 50% more. The price of the girl varies between girls and establishments. One thing I don't like about Thai go go bars is often the girls are all the same price but of course their are varying levels of choice which I still don't understand. In most instances the girl does not have to go with customers so don't feel bad about being rejected either. There's always another girl somewhere else. Word of warning for newbies is to make sure it's clear to the girl what you want to do BEFORE you pay to leave with her. Just because she paid for sex doesn't necessarily mean she has to do everything you want. For more information look at the cost of sex in Thailand.

Go Go Girls vs Coyote Girls

There is a sure diference between a gogo girl and a coyote girl. Firstly GoGo girls are most always prostitutes. They don't really dance but they have to do something besides just sitting there for customers right, that's why we got the go go's so we can check out the googs. Coyote girls are more like cock tease. They dance really well and make you want it a lot but ultimately they are not for sale.

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