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The best campsite in Northern Thailand

Pang Ung is about as far out as you can get in Thailand, it's a place in the Mae Hong Son province of Thailand and one of the most picturesque places I can think of up north. If you love camping there in Pang Ung has to be one of the best camp grounds in Thailand. During December and January is the best time to plan a trip here as the temperature drops you wake up in the morning to see the mist rising off the lake, it's amazing how many Thai people just come to see it, lots of photo ops.

Pang Ung is especially popular with Thai campers as the campsite in Pang Ung gets very cold. And I can totally get that if you've lived in the heat your whole life sleeping over night in the cold would be a treat. The day is still very warm even though it starts out cold. The air is crisp and you can smell the trees it's a wonderful spot.

The lake is the local reservoir for the town Ban Rak Thai and the town isn't really Thai at all in fact it was founded by Chinese so if you can read Chinese it's a piece of cake most of the signs are in Chinese. There are bamboo rafts on the lake that you can rent out and even a horse you can take for a ride, they said horse but really it's just a pony.

Remember if you come here to make sure you try the towns famous Chinese pork knuckle!

Video of Pang Ung

Accomodation around Pang Ung

Not everyone wants to pitch a tent but still want to check out a beautiful spot in Thailand then I suggest you stay in any of these hotels in Mae Hong Son, no i'm not a backpacker so unless it's my own tent i'd rather stay in these places:

On the Cheap

Coffee morning guest house

This place is pretty cheap it's just a mattress on the wooden floor.

Coffee morning guest house

Medium Priced

Fern Resort

The accommodation is pretty standard but it's a wonderful spot and has a pool.

Fern Resort Mae Hong Son


How to get to Pang Ung

Honestly public transport is a little scketchy but if your on a dime then you can get there too. The bus to Pang Ung at 09.00 am and 15.00 pm and from 5:30 am and Pang Ung at 11:00 am It takes about 2 hours. If you take a bike that can hall ass up and down a mountain it's about an hour, there's a lot of turns. and it's pretty steep. The road is paved but it's far from perfect.

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Photos of Pang Ung

Pang Ung Town Hire  raft in Pang Ung Pang Ung, Mae Hong Son, Thailand Pang Ung Lake Mist Pang Ung Pine Trees Pang Ung Rafts Pang Ung Road

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