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What to do when the Bars are closed in Thailand

With the bars being closed for the rest of the weekend I started thinking about what else there is to do. Sure there are many things to do during the day and nearly all pubs in Thailand don't open during the day anyway. I'm no alcoholic either and don't drink that often though do go on a few binges now and then, but when you go out during the night lets be honest there are few things to do, actually i've got a list here see how short it is.

  • Go to a nice restaurant
  • The movies
  • Bowling
  • Drive aimlessly round town
  • Go to a cake shop

Now sure i'm not just mongering all the time I do these things to but still when the mood feels like it you wanna go out you know and after 10pm there are even fewer things to do and driving around town for fun isn't that great. So the beer bars and pubs and dance spots are closed the soapy massage parlours are closed then what is there to do? Even if you don't drink you still go to those places right but they're all shut.

Think about those on vacation they have it even worse because they are in town only for a few days maybe a week or so and losing a couple of days because they didn't do their research would really suck. If you are visiting on vacation check my page on when the bars are closed in Thailand so you can be better prepared.

Let's say your mate is in town from England and you want to take him out on the town and it's say Chulalongkorn Day and the bars are closed. BTW that actually happens to be tonight. What are you going to do? Taking him to a nice restaurant then out for some cake unless his your lover that's not going to be fun. You need an awesome night out.

It's nights like this that you can actually have more fun and splurge a little more. Especially on this day because it's not that special a day that the girls go up country or home either. Unlike say Songkran. Now the pubs and bars are not open but the following places are.

  • Karaoke houses
  • Coyote dancing spots
  • Thai brothels

These places are always open and are rarely closed, sometimes the soapy massage shops close but not all of them so you could always try them but I don't really see them as a night out. Nor is a Thai brothel however you can always get a girl out and take them to a Curtain hotel that has say 2 or three adjoining rooms and make your own party (this is my preferred entertainment).

Now I must be honest on this blog i've barely touched the surface of where these kinds of establishments are. But next month i'll start making maps starting with Chiang Mai and then Bangkok about where these places are. But for now you might have to do some more research.

If you do want an awesome night out you can do it and you don't have to care about the beer bars or pubs and nightclubs that are closed. In fact I have more fun and with better looking girls if I go to a Karaoke house than I ever would at a beer bar in Nana. If you havn't tried then go with someone experienced. In Bangkok I suggest a place called The bank 8/10-11 Sukhumvit 40. And in Chiang Mai I recommend a place called Bang Saen. If you havn't been to these places then I suggest checking them out. Tell them Chris from LivingThai.Org sent you and they'll take care of you 🙂

Have a happy long weekend everyone!

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2 Responses to What to do when the Bars are closed in Thailand

  1. Nick March 20, 2017 at 6:08 pm #

    Hi, I am in Bangkok for songkran. Worried that the nightlife will be curtailed. Your views on that ? Thanks nick

    • Chris April 2, 2017 at 6:12 pm #

      nightlife is only curtailed on religious holidays and the kings birthday.

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