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Thailand Bars closed for Mothers Day

Every year I post the days bars will be closed in Thailand so that everyone can know when they are open. So will bars be open for Mothers day this year? No sorry. All bars will be closed for Mothers Day in Thailand.

Stock up on your alcohol today because after midnight noone will sell any.

The closure affects any business that sells Alcohol which includes nightclubs, beer bars, pubs, places they sell alcohol like 7 eleven and minimarts will not be able to sell alcohol on these occations and why some bars just don't open their doors.

Mothers day is also the same day as the Queens birthday is, Thai people call the king and queen Mother and Father hence the mothers day.

There have been stories of crazy farangs going bizerk because they can't get a bear. Please control yourself. 🙂

I hope you have a great mothers day in Thailand!

Bars will be closed on mothers day in Thailand

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