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Chiang Mai Bubble Discotheque Grand ReOpening

At the end of this month the 31st of October 2011 will be the grand reopening of the Chiang Mai Bubble Disco. I went down there the other day to see how and what they were doing for the grand reopening. They were all hard at work cleaning up after the flood that hit downtown. The DJ's were getting together and practicing there beats.

The Bubble disco has been closed down for the past 2 years. 2 years ago I went down there and there must have been only 15 people in there for the entire night. Reasons for this depends on who you ask, however the choice of newer venues like Fabrique probably have a lot to do with it.

So Beer Chang have bought the disco recently and are reopening it for Halloween. The manager gave me some free tickets which written on them say that there is a free bar between 8 and 9pm. Not sure if that's real or not but I doubt anyone will get there at that time anyway.

When I was 16 I spent a few weeks in Chiang Mai and Bubble was the place to go it was always full and super crowded. I hope to see those days again because the place does have some nostalgia charm to it. There is a cover charge of 120 baht for a coupon, then you can change that coupon for a drink inside, not sure right now on prices especially to do with bottles and bottle policy but after opening day i'll come back here and write more about that.

So i'll be down there opening Night and hope to see you there too, anyone interested in coming with shoot me a mail.

Bubble Disco In Chiang Mai

Directions to Bubble Disco Chiang Mai

The Bubble Disco is located in the basement of the Pornping Hotel Check the link for where the hotel is located.

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