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Preparing for a trip to Pattaya Thailand

This article is Part 1 in a 5 part Pattaya series that covers the following topics

  1. Planning your trip to Pattaya
  2. What to do with 1 week in Pattaya
  3. What you can do with $200 hundred dollars a day in Pattaya
  4. What you can do with $30 dollars a day in Pattaya
  5. Cheap hotels in Pattaya with free WiFi
Preparing for a trip to Pattaya Thailand

Prepare for your Trip to Pattaya

Preparing for your trip to Pattaya Thailand is something you shouldn't consider lightly. You may only have a week in Thailand's Sin City and you want to make sure you make every second count. Being prepared so that you have everything you'll need when your there can save you lots of time and money. Time because you don't have to worry about going to go buy things you should have brought, and money because being prepared can save you money. I've listed a number of ways to save you both time and money for your trip to Pattaya.


Getting a flight to Thailand maybe obvious, but do you know the best time to arrive in Bangkok? The best time to arrive in Bangkok if your going to Pattaya if you can swing it is about 8pm. This is because the traffic starts dying down about this time and you arrive in Pattaya just as things start kicking off. Try not to drink alcohol on the plane because you want to make the most of your trip to Pattaya, save it for the bars! For cheap flights to Thailand (i bought a ticket from Sydney to Bangkok for $800 return during high season!) check out this site here.


If you really want to make the most out of your hotel bookings then I suggest you read the article How I get free hotel rooms in Pattaya. Don't listen to others and say they get a cheaper rate if you wait until you get to Pattaya for a hotel room. Listen, the best places to stay are in soi's 7 and 8 in Pattaya. Everyone knows this so the rooms are often full especially in peak season. You might think your going to get a deal when you rock up into Pattaya, but if the hotel is full when you get there, then you might have to pay more to get the same ideal location and if they're all full then now you don't have the prime location! Book your hotel in advance. And save yourself some trouble, besides, what would you really save a few dollars? Walking around Pattaya finding a hotel with your bags is no fun at all! Try checking out the Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya, it has a massive swimming pool, the rooms are well appointed as well they are bachelor hotel friendly.


Condoms in Pattaya
Let's face it, the Asian wiener isn't as large as foreigners, so needless to say the condoms in Thailand literally don't measure up, if you want comfort while banging your way through Pattaya bring your own supply of condoms. Buying a few boxes of condoms at the local drug store might get you some funny looks, but it's better than the look you'll get from the doctor when you go home to get tested because some budget Thai condom broke on you. I prefer to buy mine online, much more discreet.


Yes you need a phone in Thailand, and it's not to call the Mrs back home either. You need a phone to capture all the phone numbers of girls you meet on your trip to Pattaya. It's possible to go out your first night in Pattaya then stay in your room for the rest of the week. how? Well you go out your first night, collect phone numbers of all the girls you like, then for the rest of the week call up a different girl everyday, tell her to come by and bring food as well. I call it "Pattaya room service". The phone you get must be able to take sim cards for those of you in America you'll need to buy a phone that does this because most phones in the US don't have slots for sim cards. You can buy a sim card from 7 eleven once you get to Thailand, there is no need to activate the card with personal details it's totally anonymous.

A good camera on the phone is wise too, you want to work through your list of girls from best looking first. If you travel outside of Thailand for more than 3 months the number probably gets deactivated but the numbers are still there so you can use it on your trip back. I prefer a dual sim card phone like the one pictured (check the link) because I'll have two numbers one for my girlfriend to call me and one for Pattaya girls.


A camera is a must! You need a decent camera to take photo's for your mates and photo's for your wife back home! Canon camera's work well for portraits and during the daytime and work ok at night during the beer bar hours of Pattaya. You need a digital camera though, this way you can transfer your "buddy photo's" the photo's you'll show your friends to another drive before you take the camera back, just make sure you do this and not be like a friend of mine who went home with naked photo's of about 20 girls still on his camera and his wife found out, took the house, the car, and left him with nothin! But still having a camera can be handy in Pattaya not just for your own forays but you never know when you might come ac cross something interesting as well.

Learn Some Thai

Learning some Thai Language can be invaluable to your trip to Pattaya, from cheaper bar fines, to freebies from Thai girls, knowing some Thai can get you more places than you can imagine. I don't care if your coming to Thailand for 1 week or living here for a year, the more Thai language you know the more fun you'll have. Unless you really like playing connect four with the bar girls all night without saying too much. Yes it's true, many a Thai Bar girl can speak English, though the ones that do speak English have more likely been in the game for many a year, this kind of girl will F*** your brains out sure, but she'll ream you for money too because she knows you can't connect with the newer, younger, Virgil girls of Pattaya. Buy one of the books i list in the top 10 books to learn Thai language. And try to learn as much as you can. I really suggest you start with the Thai Alphabet that was where I started and now i'm fluent in the Thai language. By learning Thai you will be ahead of the game when it comes to most tourists, you'll be able to get more girls, better looking as well as younger.

Sex Toys

Sex Toy Vibrator
OK, so sex toys are illegal in Thailand. Unbelievable I know, it's a crime right. If your the kind of guy that is into this thing then forget about trying to get some in Thailand. Your going to have to bring them in. At the airport I've never been stopped and had my bags checked, like ever, and one or two little toys they are not going to stop you for.

Especially if you come from a western country. You need to bring them in. Just don't go crazy and bring a whole suit case full of candy and sex toys as you'll be pulled up as some crazed pedophile.

Do your ground work first

Don't rock up to Pattaya without doing your ground work first. Line up some girls before you even land can save you a whole lot of time and money. Thai girls are much more fun once they're comfortable with you too, so if you know a few girls before you get there it can make your experience that more exciting. The best way to do this is by joining a dating site like the one featured to the left. Join the site upload a photo and wait about a month.

After a month has passed sign in to your account and pay for the premium membership. Why wait a month? because the premium membership only lasts a month right, but if you sign up first you'll have a bunch of girls to write to once you've signed up!

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  1. Raghavendra BS January 13, 2012 at 2:37 am #

    Please help me with some good GO-go Bars in pattaya and bangkok, those go-go bars that does not have any ladyboys.,…;-).

  2. jack April 7, 2012 at 12:06 pm #

    Hi Chris
    Where do you find european size frangas in thailand.not in chemists or 7 11, they must exist, thai girls always have em, but where do they find em.Maybe it,s different in Pattya.

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