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How I get free hotel rooms in Pattaya and Bangkok

Are you a regular to Pattaya or Bangkok? Do you travel a Thailand regularily or stay in hotels through work or leasure? Well i'm going to let you into my secret of how I get free hotel rooms in Pattaya and Bangkok.First though this works better if you book hotels regularly and it doesn't mean that you necessarly need to book a hotel in Thailand either. You don't have to book hotels yourself though, what I do is I ask my friends and family when they are booking a hotel and say that I'll make the reservation for them!

How it works is you book a hotel room through Agoda. Make sure you create an account first. Using your account you make the reservation you earn points for every dollar you spend. Agoda has this point system that allows you to accumulate points for every hotel room you book.

Agoda has 2 membership levels, first is you get 20 points for every dollar you spend. Second is for Elite members who get 31 points for every dollar they spend. To get elite status you have to accumulate over 75,000 points in a calendar year.

Let's say you book a hotel for 1 night and the hotel say in Bankok costs $100 per night. You will earn 2000 points. You get a bonus 500 points for leaving a review about the hotel once you've departed. Now you have 2500 points. You need a total of 12,500 points to redeem $25 worth of USD at a hotel of choosing. Look at the following table.

Award LevelRedeemed PointsAward Return Value $

Now lets say you have a cousin who is going to america for 1 week vacation. Their total cost of the stay is let's say $1050 USD. Your total points including the review will come out to be 21500 points which you can redeem for almost the $50 mark. You can acrue the points over time as well. Sometimes hotels offer double rewards points so that 21000 is now 42,000 and you've almost made $100 worth of hotel vouchers.

I don't stay in fancy hotels especially in Pattaya. I think last time I stayed there I booked a room at the Gino Guest House because they offer free wifi, rooms there were only $14 a night. I used 12,500 points to book 2 nights and it ended up costing me $3 but because I also made 500 points for the review and gained points from the actual booking it didn't really cost me anything.

I've referred friends and family to the agoda site which i get 500 points if they sign up. As well anyone who is booking a hotel i tell them i can book it for them. This gives me more points that I can redeem for when i go to Pattaya or Bangkok. Who says nothing is for free ey?

Don't forget next time you book a hotel to come to livingthai.org and use the link to the 70% of hotels in Bangkok (even if your not staying in Bangkok) clicking the link get's you discounts on hotels even further than if you go to Agoda directly.

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