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scams by thai girls

Common Scams Used by Thai Women on Foreign Men

All Thai women are not bad! Many Thai ladies make excellent and loyal companions, however, as my time working as a private detective in Thailand has taught me; there is a minority of Thai women that aim to take advantage […]

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Bangkok fuck buddy

How to get a fuck buddy gik in Bangkok

In many ways, having a fuck buddy is a lot better than having a girlfriend. As long as you play it right, it is basically a ticket to free sex with no strings attached. Thai people are well versed in […]

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girls in Kuala Lumpur

Where to find girls in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of finding girls. It’s right next to Thailand and just a short flight from cities like Bangkok and Manila. So there aren’t many guys going there […]

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Bangkok girls vs manila girls

Manila girls vs Bangkok girls

Manila and Bangkok are two of the biggest cities in Southeast Asia, and even the world. A lot of people have done comparisons between the two places. But I am focused on the important things in life. So in this […]

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Mongering in Singapore

A monger’s guide to Singapore

I’ve noticed that no one really talks about Singapore when it comes to mongering. Even in Asia you don’t see many people talking about it. Now with all that is available here in Thailand, I can understand that. But Singapore […]

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best happy ending massage in Bangkok

Best massage in Bangkok (with VERY happy endings)

Thai massage is famous around the world. Bangkok is filled with massage parlors. And a lot of them are offering happy endings in one way or another. But which happy ending massage in Bangkok is best? There are basically four […]

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girls on Bangkok BTS

Finding girls in the daytime in Bangkok

Bangkok is most famous for its nightlife. With everything from go go bars to clubs, there is a lot to talk about there. But today we are going to talk about finding girls in the daytime in Bangkok. Bangkok is […]

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black booty in Bangkok

Guide to finding African girls in Bangkok

I’ve been wanting to do a guide to finding African girls in Bangkok for a while. For years I’ve been talking about Thai girls in pretty much every shape and form. They deserve the coverage. Thai women are great. But […]

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Escorts in Macau

Where to find escorts in Macau

Forget about Vegas. Macau is the gambling capital of the entire world. And where there is money there are women. That’s especially true in Macau where culture and cash collide to create a clean but naughty “city of sin” complete […]

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Big Ben

Who needs Thailand? Finding Thai girls in London

Thai girls are great. I don’t have to tell you that. If it wasn’t for Thai girls, how many of us would still be coming to Thailand? Or at least, would we be staying as long? But what about when […]

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Laid in Manila escort

How to get laid in Manila

In some respects, asking how to get laid in Manila is like asking how to get wet at the beach. Getting laid in Thailand is really easy thanks to the multitude of options like Smooci and Thai Friendly. But it […]

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Foreign escorts in Bangkok

How to find non-Thai escorts in Bangkok

There can be no doubt that Thai women are a major attraction for millions of men who travel to Thailand. They are probably even more important to those of us who live here full time. Yet variety is the spice […]

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Smooci vs Thai Friendly

Which one should I use? For a while now, Thaifriendly has been the go-to site for getting your online hook-ups in Bangkok. There have been (and still are) alternatives such as Thai Love Links, Date in Asia, Thai Cupid, but […]

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Playing Pool Sukhumvit Soi 22

Girly Bars of Soi 22 The Best and The Rest

Soi 22 is best known as a casual and laid-back alternative to popular nightlife areas such as Nana and Silom. However, unlike these tourist hubs, and despite being quite well-known itself, it has managed to retain its ‘charm’ for the […]

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Mastering Online Dating in Thailand

Being single in Thailand has been revolutionized by the increasingly growing trend of individuals that choose online dating to meet people over other conventional means. Many men that come to visit or live in Thailand don’t realize how different Thailand’s […]

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The 5 Best Bars and Clubs to Pick Up Girls on Khao San Road

If someone were to put together a list ranking the easiest places in the world to pick up a girl, without paying of course, Khao San Road would without a doubt be in the top 3 and most likely number […]

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