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Common Scams Used by Thai Women on Foreign Men

All Thai women are not bad! Many Thai ladies make excellent and loyal companions, however, as my time working as a private detective in Thailand has taught me; there is a minority of Thai women that aim to take advantage of their western partners’ perceived wealth. I’ve put together a list detailing some of the most common scams used by these Thai women on foreign men.

The Thai bar girl scam

Most men that visit Thailand would never dream of entering into serious relationships with prostitutes back in their home countries. In Thailand however lines are often blurred and men can find themselves falling in love with women that they started off paying for sex. It’s not always new and naive visitors to Thailand that fall into this trap, in some cases we have seen men that have visited Thailand dozens of times over many years falling in love with bar girls.

Most often bar girls will continue to work in the bar while their ‘boyfriends’ fly back home. These ladies will continue to leave the bar with customers while their partners are blissfully unaware of their activities. Many bar girls are experts at telling their boyfriends clever lies which mean they never suspect anything untoward is happening. The simple fact is, if your girlfriend is working in a bar in Thailand, then she is probably being ‘bar fined’ while you’re away and spending time in hotel rooms with other men.

The pregnancy scam

The pregnancy scam is one of the more sinister scams that can occur in Thailand. It works by carefully spinning a web of lies and playing on your emotions. Thai ladies are well aware that any western guy with a conscience will not walk away from them if they claim to be pregnant; which is why they make this claim.

Often the man will quickly come back to Thailand to spend more time with the lady that he believes is carrying his child. Even if he realizes that he was duped, this extra time with the lady can be enough to solidify the relationship. Often the man will not walk away even if he realizes that he was tricked. The lady might come to him in tears claiming that she has miscarried, and most men will want to support the lady through this.

Sometimes the scam can even involve corrupt doctors and medical staff, who will help to convince the man that his partner is genuinely pregnant. We have seen dozens of our clients falling victim to this scam and we don’t foresee the flow slowing down anytime soon.

Multiple boyfriends scam

Some ladies in Thailand aim to have multiple boyfriends at the same time. All supporting them and (they hope) sending money to finance their darling’s lifestyle.

The attitude of “it would never happen to me”, and sometimes just nativity contribute to the success and viability of this scam.

Someone once told me that “My girlfriend speaks to her family every night (in the English language), but she will always stand on the balcony or in the toilet so I can’t hear what she’s saying”… Hello? She has another boyfriend! Thai people always speak in their native tongue. If your girlfriend is running off to make calls in private then alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear.

Especially with the prevalence of online dating, this scam can be easy to perpetrate and is often very lucrative. It can be extremely difficult to discover that you’re being taken advantage of in this way. Some men resort to using “spy software” on their computers to try and find out what their partners are doing online. Others might hire detective agencies to place the lady under surveillance… However, most men will never figure out that they are falling victim to the multiple boyfriends scam. Look out for the warning signs and try to be vigilant if you’re dating a Thai lady.

Money/Assets scams

Thailand has some unique laws when it comes to foreigners owning land, property, companies, and other assets. Unscrupulous Thai ladies can take advantage of these laws by having property or other assets signed over to them.

Some years ago a friend of mine purchased a car in Thailand. His girlfriend had convinced him that foreigners are not able to own vehicles, and so the car was placed in her name. It was a matter of months before the couple ended up separating and of course, our friend had no right or claim to the vehicle that he had purchased. A simple Google search could have saved him the car and his money.

The moral of the story here is to always thoroughly research the law and speak to other people that have faced similar dilemmas. There are many loopholes and clever ways of navigating the law to your advantage. Prenuptials, carefully written contracts and proper company formations can all help to protect your assets in the event of a breakup. Always think with your head and remember: If your name isn’t on the paper then you have no claim to it.

This article was contributed by Ian White. Ian is a longtime resident of Thailand
and works as a private investigator for the Pattaya division of Bangkok

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2 Responses to Common Scams Used by Thai Women on Foreign Men

  1. GuidoSexMachine January 3, 2020 at 7:58 am #

    Also don’t forget about the Threesome Scam where you find a freelancer and agree on a price. Once you go back to her room and your naked hammering away on her little tight snapper, a second girl jumps out of the closet naked and begins joining in the sexual activities for a threesome that you never asked for.
    Once you bust your nut and the session is over, both girls want the same amount of money and begin arguing and threatening to call the police or get their big brother to come over and kick your butt if you don’t pay up. Most men end up paying cos it’s not worth the drama.
    I’ve been victim of this scam twice in HongKong and twice in Bangkok. If I want a threesome, I’ll ask for one. With this scam the girl forces a 2nd girl on you so you end up paying double even though the 2nd lady is attractive or moreso than the girl you agreed to go with. But the worst part about it is “You didn’t ask for a threesome so why should you have to pay for it?!?! “

  2. David Pearson June 29, 2022 at 4:29 pm #

    Hi I lost my house my car everything I work very hard for so when I retire I don’t have to worry ,I look after her family same as if mine but what you get they lie and steel for you ,it’s very sad but that’s Thailand lady’s for some good some very bad don’t trust them at all

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