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How to get 500 Thai Women to email you their stats!

You know living in Chiang Mai there's not a lot to do, once you've ridden the elephants, seen the zoo and conquered every hilltop and got fined for not wearing a helmet at every single turn around the moat the only thing left to do is enjoy doing things you like to do. For most guys reading this, your time is usually spent in the pursuit of as many Thai Women as you can find or at least one really cool chick to spend your time out with.

How to go about meeting Thai Women

To be quite honest if you're an outgoing kind of guy online dating in Thailand is completely unnecessary, but on the other hand if you're the kind of person who had no luck at all in your home country with picking up girls off the street then you're really only going to have your chances slightly improved over here, therefore online dating is best for you.

One of our VIP members Kenny agreed to partake in an experiment. He's never done the whole online dating thing in Thailand, I've been out a lot with the guy and we party pick up girls no problems so I thought he was an excellent candidate for an online experiment.

Now Kenny just like I is juggling a lot of work, a lot of girls, and the idea of sitting down endlessely chatting and going through emails and then having to pay a dating site (except ThaiLoveWeb) to waste my time trying to find a girl that i'm interested. As we say down under (Bugger That!) Kenny wants photos and phone numbers of girls who want to meet him now! He doesn't want to waste his time emailing girls that aren't interested in him in the first place.

Kennys profile was so popular it was shared on facebook more than 300 times!

Kennys profile was so popular it was shared on facebook more than 300 times!

How was I going to get women to email Kenny?

My first thought was to sign up to all these dating sites myself come up with some opening lines that demanded a phone number reply then pay some indian $20 to mail it to a few hundred girls on each site then collect the numbers and email them back....

I dropped that Idea, I don't want to actually spend any money helping Kenny! (Though if it were for me yeah I would!).

So I figured the next best thing would be to just create a simple web page with some photos of him and a simple form for girls to fill in their information. So I emailed Kenny told him to send some photos over and within 15 minutes I had a page where girls could fill in their details and the email go directly to him. Much better solution all I needed was the girls to see it! Find out in the next post how I got thousands of girls to view his page. (and made money in the process).

So after setting up the traffic to Kenny's page. for the next 48 hours I totally forgot about it as I was super busy but when I opened up my email to check I was thinking yeah maybe 10 girls already but when I saw 200 hundred I was in shock! Wow it actually worked!

Even after turning off the advertising girls still kept emailing

Even after turning off the advertising girls still kept emailing

Kenny soon messaged me super happy with the results, he had just got off the phone to a Uni girl in Chiang Rai and I could tell he was pleased. He did say though that most the girls were a bit older (he's 28) and that it would probably suit an older gentleman better.

What I liked most about doing this is seeing what possibilities there are. Especially when trying to find a Gik or a sponsor. Especially a sponsor. Dating sites won't allow you to put a "sponsor" drop down or something like that because the google ads will get cut off. (if you didn't know why they don't have 'couple dating' in Thailand this is for the same reason). However if you just created your own web page and using the traffic sources in the next article you could simply say on your page what your looking for and have the girls tell you how much you want.

A private person would shudder at this idea but hey if you knew no one in Thailand and no one knew you it could be fun to try.

Unknown to Kenny I ran the same campaign and but asked for a university girl aged 18-23 living in Chiang Mai who wants to be my Gik. I didn't get the hundreds that Kenny got because of the message, but I did get a few perfect replies that I'm already onto.

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