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How to get a fuck buddy gik in Bangkok

In many ways, having a fuck buddy is a lot better than having a girlfriend. As long as you play it right, it is basically a ticket to free sex with no strings attached. Thai people are well versed in this stuff, especially in Bangkok. They even have their own Thai term for it.

A gik (or kik) is basically a mistress or sidepiece in Thai. Lots of Thai people in committed relationships have them. And no, I am not only talking about "nork jai" Thai guys here who are notorious for their cheating ways. Plenty of Thai women have giks too. But some of them have giks more for companionship than actual sex.

Sometimes people think farang in Thailand are like an alien species. But the truth is that we are all human beings. We just grow up under different conditions, and that shapes who we become as people later in life. Anyway, my point is that farang can get a gik in Thailand just like Thai people do. Again, especially in Bangkok!

Finding a fuck buddy in Bangkok

So how do you find a fuck buddy in Bangkok? Well, to tell you the truth it really isn't that difficult. Even if you aren't the most hansum man back home and you have next to know day game at all, you can probably still find a Thai fuck buddy in the capital.

friends with benefits

Some people are surprised to find that Thai culture is still pretty conservative in some ways. Sure you have the open sex cities like Pattaya and soapy massages all around, but a lot of men and women both will need to work through a bottle of Johnny Walker before they start showing real affection. It is just how it is.

But things can be a little more open in Bangkok, the same way it is with New York versus Alabama in the US. And that's especially true with the younger generation and the widespread adoption of the internet. So you if you are working on girls between the ages of 18 and maybe 35 you have a pretty good chance at finding a fuck buddy by just being somewhat honest about what you are looking for.

Get your gik online

That doesn't mean you should jump on Thai Friendly and start telling chicks you want to shove your cock down their throats. That's probably not gonna work (even though I did once tell a chick "your lips look great for a blowjob" right off the bat only to have her come to my room an hour later).

It's better to be playful in the Thai way. When a girl asks if you have eaten yet you can say something like "no, I am waiting to eat you." They love that kind of stuff. And if they are flirting and eager to meet, you have a real good chance of getting in their panties.

Just be honest and tell them that you have a girlfriend or wife. Or that you are just looking for a friend with benefits. You can still run into problems. But you would be surprised how many Thai girls will still hang around even if you say this sort of thing. And even if they don't, there are plenty of other fish in the sea!

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