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Three ways to improve your hookup game in Bangkok

Bangkok is still a great city and an easy place to meet Thai girls. But hooking up isn't as easy as it used to be just a few years ago. More guys are coming into the country and Thai chicks are being exposed to them and all of their bullshit. So you might have to put in a little extra work these days if you want to hookup regularly. It's still easy in comparison, but it's not like you can just show up and start banging freebies either.

Today I am going to tell you about three things you can do to step up your game in Bangkok and get more Thai girls. Truthfully, this would all apply to anywhere else in the country too. The only difference is that Bangkok has the most farang so it is where the competition is the highest.

One: Dress better

The first tip I have for any guy who wants to pick up Thai chicks in Bangkok is to dress better. Yes it's hot. Sure the weather is probably a lot nicer than wherever you come from. That still doesn't mean you have to walk around the business district of a major city in swimming trunks and a singlet. Especially if you're going out at night!

Dressing in beach gear or wearing Singha sleeveless shirts is the surest giveaway there is to Thai people that you are a tourist. Even if you live here for years you can still be viewed that way if you don't make an effort to step up your game.

Just put on a decent light weight shirt and a pair of shoes and watch how your statistics improve. Or at least take a look around at some of the other guys you see picking up chicks, especially when they're locals. That will give you a hint as to what Thai girls actually like other than money.

There is one notable exception. If you're okay picking up the farang groupies who hang around places like Khao San Road you can feel free to sport a Hawaiian shirt and dreadlocks. That seems to attract them. You can even vomit on yourself after a hard night of binge drinking on cheap shots. That doesn't seem to turn them off either.

Two: Learn to speak Thai

Here's one that might turn off a lot of guys. Maybe you think it's too hard to learn Thai. Or maybe you just want to party it up and get laid, without any work required. Sure that is possible to some degree. But I am talking about developing the skills to reliably pick up the kind of Thai chicks you actually want to bang after the initial shock of being surrounding by Asian women wears off.

Thai really isn't that hard to learn. If you can manage to utter even a few basic introductory phrases and ask some questions, you will already be doing well than the majority of backpackers and sexpats who can't even count to ten.

If you are willing to put in the effort to become conversational in the language, your hookups will go through the roof. This makes Thai girls way more comfortable around you and tells them that you're serious about your commitment, even if you're not!

Three: Get an apartment

Having an apartment is maybe the best thing you can do when closing the deal, or simply having a Thai chick come right to your room from an internet dating pickup. If you're in a hotel that shows that you're a temporary visitor. Any chick that goes to a hotel with you knows she'll be looked at like a hooker too, so that's going to turn off a lot of regular girls.

If you're in an apartment it makes you look like you're a normal guy living in Bangkok. Not just a tourist passing through and trying to collect some more bangs for the mental scrap book.

But even if you are just in town temporarily you can still get an apartment. There are a lot of monthly rentals in apartments. These days you can also find an apartment or condo on AirBNB in a matter of seconds. You could be in town for a week yet stay in a furnished luxury condo that makes local chicks think you're the man!

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Chris founded LivingThai.org in 2011 and has received over 3 million visitors. He has lived here for over 10 years and speaks reads and writes very good Thai.

One Response to Three ways to improve your hookup game in Bangkok

  1. GuidoSexMachine January 3, 2020 at 8:18 am #

    ….and Number Four:

    Don’t come across as a douche bag pervert on dating sites or social media (even if you are one). Too many farang guys (and a large amount of Indian dudes) go on Thai Friendly or ThaiCupid and their first message usually is “Hey sexxxy lady, you have a nice body. You want to come to my room. Have you tried anal?” Then oftentimes their 2nd message is a dick pic or a sleazy photo of them in their underwear or shirt off.
    Then they wonder why they’re getting very few dates with Thai Girls who aren’t prostitutes and end up saying dating good girls in Thailand sucks.
    Online Dating in Thailand is still way better than the western world if you have some common sense and don’t act like a total creepy perv online. I’m not saying you can’t be a perv, just try your best to hide it until you meet up with the girl and have had at least a few drinks with her and build some rapport.

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