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Problems Sponsoring a Thai Girl

I'm really fond of the sponsorship deal mainly because changing girls all the time can be dangerous in Thailand where STD's are more common than getting the flu. Having a Gik (casual partner) is a good way to satisfy the urges without risking too much. But having a Gik isn't without problems either. Jealousy is a bitch no matter where the girl is from and even in Thailand many girls don't want to be played as second fiddle.

While you can go for quite a while with a Gik eventually it will fold and since you have a girlfriend already you might have to pay her out so that she doesn't come go all psycho on your girl. That happened to me once. I had this girl come up from out of Isaan and when she rocked up she came with her Aunt. She wanted me to get her a place to live, I told her to go back home. She threatened to cause problems with my girlfriend if I didn't give her 2000 baht. It was a small price to pay, I got lucky, many don't.

Another time about a year ago I was in Pattaya for a while and trying to work out the online dating scene down there. To be honest the online dating scene in Pattaya is non existent. Only thing that works well in Pattaya is Line and Facebook and the Telephone. Actually the telephone works better in so many ways but what you find in Pattaya is all the bar girls and go go girls, you've really gotta entice and somehow chasing a bar girl just seems pointless when you can just fork over 1000 baht and get it anyway with fewer hassles.

What does work well in Pattaya though is Bangkok girls. It's amazing how many girls in Bangkok want to go to Pattaya for a few days. Give them a decent place to stay and they come down. Unless you've got a nice place the chicks are going to want to out and party which can get expensive but since you're not paying the girl it's sometimes a lot cheaper as well.

So when I was in Pattaya I met up with this girl around 18 she didn't go to school seemed her parents weren't interested in her either kind of felt sorry for the girl. Anyway so we hung out for a week and then she went home, this happened a couple of times before I came back to Chiang Mai to go steady with this other chick. Soon the girl from Bangkok calls me and says she wants to come stay in Chaing Mai.

I had to figure out a way to be able to have this girl around while my girlfriend didn't mind. So when the girl arrives I tell my girlfriend that I'm hiring a maid to clean the place cause i'm too lazy to do it. Well somehow this girl from Bangkok thought that my girlfriend knew about her and that she was cool with it. Turns out she's a Muslim and it's OK if I had several wives. I didn't know she was Muslim before! Not exactly something I asked. So when she rocks up I tell her that when my girlfriend comes around she has to start cleaning the place so my girlfriend thinks she really is the made.

Well next day she tells me her dad dies and she has to go back to Bangkok. So make sure everything is understood before you sponsor your girl or like me you'll end up forking out for a bus ticket for a maid that refuses to clean.

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One Response to Problems Sponsoring a Thai Girl

  1. -Cam July 23, 2019 at 7:46 am #

    Hey Chris,

    Why did you choose CM? I like CM myself, but I have only spent 2 months in Thailand total. Many long term expats tell me it is too small and much harder to find a gf/sponsor than BK or Pattaya. I like it because everything is nearby and it is really easy to find and meet expats. The self-defense visa also seems like a good alternative.

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