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Nightclubs In Thailand

Thailand is full of nightclubs, pretty much every city in the country had a nightclub even the smaller towns have some form of them. The general thai nightclub is consitted of a stage where the band of the night plays tables below maybe some sort of stool if the place isn't that crowded otherwise you'll be standing most the night. And table service.

Table service is what drives the club, the more you drink and order the more money they make, this is why typically in a thai nightclub you have young girls serviing your drinks in short mini skirts and the name of a popular beer on it. Though typically if thais go to a nightclub they don't drink beer or mixed drinks they drink liquor typically scotch soemtimes bourbon. A drink is poored on the rocks mixed with soda water, bottled water, and sometimes coke.

You can sometimes bring your own bottle but mostly you would buy it at the club, the prices are expensive for thailand but compared to clubs in LA or NY that have table service your looking at a very cheap night. At most places you can also leave your bottle at the club, get a card and when you return the next night or week hand the card over and they'll give you the bottle, now that's what i'm talking about.

So your not at the thai nightclub, as a foreigner your going to look odd if your standing their by yourself, so it's better to go with some friends, the more thai's in your group the better unless your at a farang joint where girls go to get farang guys. You'll be standing around a lot and maybe blocking your ears when the thai band of choice comes on. When the band leaves they typically play farang music but again it might be of a not so great style, sorry oldies, you won't hear the BG's.

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