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Thai Girls are easy to manipulate

Most thai girls like many western girls want one thing, security for them and their family, unlike western girls though Thai girls care about their parents more, but really only the ones whos parents are doing it tough. Though the thai mentatilty differs is that no matter how bad the girl is doing they'll still want to help their family even if it means giving up a life for themselves, like droping out of school to get a job to give the money to their parents.

I'm not saying that any of this is a bad thing, maybe it is good, but don't be fooled, the girls parents are playing their kid too, they try to use and manipulate their kids for their own gain, hence letting them leave school to get a job. I've seen it before, my own girlfriend was sending money back to her mom, her mom asked for an extra 1000 a month so she can get a motorbike for her younger sister who will need it to drive to schoo. Sure no problem i said, tell the sister to get a drivers license and we'll send the money. Well she never got a drivers license and now won't talk to my girlfriend because i won't send the money till she gets one. You know most people would just get the license, now she makes my g/f feel guilty, you know what this month and from now on she doesn't get squat.

At first you can't do this sort of thing, but once the girl becomes reliant on you and the lifestyle you bring then you can do this sort of thing, my girl is 11 years younger than me, 19y/o and finished high school, but her parents are crap and really could care less, this is the girl you can get to do what you want, i urge you to seek them out.

So how do you go about manipulating a thai girl, well first you want to know what it is your trying to manipulate her to do, for me it's threesomes, i want her to find and aquire a number of girls who want to come over for threesome fun. Not as hard as you think you know even if the girl isn't bi.

Firstly you need to start from the beginning, tell the girl you want two girlfriends, have her and set her up nicely as well you need to find another girl who your not as serious and have her be your girlfriend too, make them go shopping together by giving them money at the same time. No doubt both of these girls are going to be seeing other guys you need to deal with that, it's how it works (now) because your so open and never lie to her she is going to feel guilty about lieing to you, keep telling her though it's not ok to have someone else.

After a few months you want to break off with the other girl and just leave her. The girl you want as your girlfriend ask her to move in with you, get her away from the alone lifestyle and into your lifestyle, start finding a new girl. after a month she will want to be exclusive with you because now your not just going over to bang her your in a real relationship with you, she'll ask you not to have another g/f. Perfect, wait for her to tell you this too, now deal with her and say you want love anyone else and you only do it because you like it with 2 girls, no problem if you just do this she will accept but will be reluctant to do anything.

By now she's probably asking to get money sent home, ok but the first time before you send any money you need to get a threesome happening, tell her you will give if she comes to the water massage with you. Most places will have someone who can do that it will cost you big money but you need to break her in. You need to do this 4 times the first month to wear her spirit. if she doesn't no more money for her mom.

Thai girls are easy to manipulate because their all motivated by one thing, money for them and their parents.

The second month say it's too much money and we need a cheaper girl, so you go to the bars and get a regular for the next month do it every week it's important to keep it up. Now her mom is reliant on you to send money and she has to keep this up to get her mom money so you have her, keep saying you want to be open and  honest and don't lie, She will eventually not lie to you either.

Good luck.

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3 Responses to Thai Girls are easy to manipulate

  1. Tatiana Flaker May 10, 2011 at 9:42 am #

    Hey friend can i publish some paragraph of your article on my little blog of university.I have to publish a good articles out there and i really think your post Fits best into it.I will be grateful to give you an source link as well.I have two blogs one my own and the other which is my college blog.I will publish some part in the university blog.Hope you do not mind.

    • Chris May 11, 2011 at 3:52 am #

      No problem your welcome.

  2. Tyler February 12, 2012 at 5:54 pm #

    Hmmm… Manipulating a 19 yr old girl. I don’t imagine that’s difficult to do. Doesn’t sound like a mature thing to do either. It’s kind of mean actually,playing head games like that with a young girl. Just my thoughts.

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