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What is a Guest House

Before coming to Thailand I'd never even heard of the word What is a Guest House before. Your probably reading this post because you yourself don't know what a Guest House is. Typically a Guest House is owner operated, there are turnkey style Guest House's that i've seen but they almost never work. This is because the normal Guest House being owner operated is more personal and that's what makes a Guest House work.

Successful Guest Houses are those that arn't too big, if the place has more than 20 rooms then it's more of a hotel than a guest house, you can't be personal with 30 rooms of people or you'll be talking to every guest every day and you'll never have time. So a What is a Guest House with about 15 rooms is perfect.

You won't see many luxeries at a guest house either, no swimming pool room service, staff at the counter all the time. You will find though the Guest House is better than the Hotel when it comes to service and knowledge about the city your visiting, typically they will be well versed in english and able to communicate well.

One of the best things about a Guest House is the price, the price of a guest house is typically 30% cheaper than if you were staying at a cheaper hotel and more often than not the Guest House will be in better shape because the owner lives there as well.

Next time your looking for a hotel in thailand i suggest you take a look at the small owner operated hotel also known as a Guest House.

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