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Thaksin Shinawatra shows off his house in Dubai

Yesterday on Thaksin Shinawatra facebook page Mr Thaksin the former leader and former richest man in Thailand showed the world a picture of his accommodation in Dubai where he has been living in exile since being forced from parliament in Thailand a few years ago.

The picture shows Mr Thaksin living the high life in Dubai thousands of kilometers from his homeland but seemed to be pretty smart in both his attire and in his new house. The former prime minister of Thailand writes as a caption on his photo that this is the house he bought in Dubai. No more information was given about the house however from the picture it appears to have an elevator at least 2 stories, looks brand new and several rooms.

The photo has 1,300 likes on Facebook.

Thaksin Shinawatra shows off his house in Dubai

Thaksin Shinawatra shows off his house in Dubai

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