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What a 2 Million Dollar House In Bangkok Looks like

Ever wanted to know what 2 million dollars will buy in you Bangkok? How about a 2 story 8 bedroom house with swimming pool gym, and maid quarters. I can only dream of buying a house like this but for some lucky few, they live like this in Thailand every day.

Actually I did a search on the Internet for million dollar houses in Thailand and didn't come up with much, in fact this was the most expensive house that I could find, either there arn't any (I doubt) or the owners of these uber mansions don't like to let them for sale. I wouldn't unless I had to. This particular property has a price tag of 68 million baht.

Believe it or not this is actually one of many houses in a private complex in Bangkok, the Ultra rich there like to live together I guess in their own little community of High Net worth families. This house is brand new and if you could afford it I say buy!
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This is impeccable Thai-Contemporary Architural Style House with full amenities such as 5X10 mtr. Swimming Pool, Gym, Sauna, Steam. The Plan is designed to be airy and combining spaces by large stairs, patio, terrace, walkway. You can feel like vacation in a resort every day.

There is a guest house with 2 bedrooms in separation by a big private street. The street is long and wide enough for almost 40 car parking once you have a big party.

***Main Cluster House (Lot size : 1,028 Sqm. / Living Space : + - 900 Sqm.)
- 5 Bedrooms with own bathrooms
- 1 W.C.
- 1 Maid Room with own bathroom
- 5-6 Carport
- Swimming Pool 5X10 M. (Salted Water System)
- Gym Room
- Sauna Room for 4
- Steam Room for 3
- Jacuzzi in Master Bathroom
- Kitchen with Nook
- Dining
- Large Living Room
- Small Living Room
- Guest Room with Bar and Pantry
- Prayer Hall
- Pool Front Terrace
- Patio
- Living Pavilions : 2
- Backyard

***Guest House (Lot size : 138 Sqm. / Living Space 120 Sqm.)
- 2 bedrooms / 1 Bathroom / 1 W.C.
- Living Room with LCD TV & Air-conditioner
- Dining Area / Pantry
-2 Carport / Store Room

For sales contact : MS. A (086-888-9093)

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3 Responses to What a 2 Million Dollar House In Bangkok Looks like

  1. weedspecialist August 6, 2011 at 11:08 pm #

    …damn, nice crib, most definetly a fine place to chill …

    Wait, lets see: if i stop boozing+smoking+eating… at all… it should be easily affordable in not more than a trillion years given or taken!

    Must be a quicker way though, don’t shacks like this one usually come with some free&desperate DOUGHTER living in there? Think so! Could be ugly as sh*t, never mind, got to set priorities…
    Thinking about it, even a SON would be welcome…

    • Chris August 7, 2011 at 2:04 am #

      Good idea, wait till someone moves in then figure out a way to get in with the daughter. lol

  2. Lee Vincent December 27, 2011 at 3:32 am #

    Actually seems to be a very reasonable price for that quality and size. Where is it in Bangkok?

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