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Freak Snowstorm in Northeastern USA leaves 2 million without power

Snow in October is rare in the north eastern USA but this year its come early and with force breaking all records. This is probably just the beginning. With all the rainfall that asia has experienced this year it's no doubt going to turn the other side of the globe and crush them with unprecedented snow storms like they have never seen before or at least for a long time.

Snowfall broke records on Saturday and, by 4 p.m., Malloy had declared a state of emergency for the state and ordered all non-emergency vehicles off the roads. Fifteen inches had fallen in Colebrook as of 7:20 p.m., and the town could get 20 inches of snow.
freak snowstorm in conneticut
By the time all is said and done, 6-10 inches is expected through much of inland Connecticut though Litchfield County is expected to receive 12-18 inches. Along the shoreline the greater New Haven area can expect 3-6 inches while southeastern Connecticut gets 1-3 inches.

This is a massive amount of snow for October and it's come very unexpected. Heavy snow accumulation in October is virtually unheard of in most of Connecticut. In the greater Hartford area, measurable snow has only occurred three times in the last 100 years. Along the shoreline measurable snow has only occurred once.

Before Saturday, the greatest October snowstorm in metro Hartford dropped 1.7 inches on Oct. 10, 1979 and the heaviest October snowfall in Connecticut history occurred on Oct. 4, 1987 in Norfolk with 9.5 inches of accumulation.

Trees have fallen down disrupting power grids causing around 2.3 million residents along the eastern seaboard to be without power.

One positive is that the wintry weather shouldn't last too much longer.

By Sunday afternoon, the storm is expected to have passed the United States. Temperatures should warm by then -- including a high of 49 forecast for Sunday in New York, warming into the high-50s over the course of the week.

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