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How to Date Multiple Thai Girls at Once – 10 Step Guide

You can sneak around Thai girls or you can be straight up with them, many people employ different strategies while two timing their Thai girls. Here are 10 different steps that you can employ that will allow you to safely date more than one Thai girl at once. Please be aware that if a Thai girl is opposed to you dating other people and she finds out it you could be the next thread on Thai Visa.
How to Date Multiple Thai Girls at Once - 10 Step Guide

The Honest Way

1) Tell a girl on the first date (or even beforehand) that you are dating more than one Thai girl at once. Remind her that this means she can date other guys, too. For example: "I don't want to be exclusive right now, you can date other guys if you want." Some women find this acceptable and might even enjoy the freedom. Or, she might be put off. Either way, telling the truth from the start will make your life easier and avoid breaking someone's heart.

2) Don't hide that you're going on dates with other girls, but don't specify it either, unless she asks. Let's say she asks you how the day before was, and you were on a date. You could say "It went well. I went to the movies. Saw that new action flick that just came out, it was pretty good." You don't need to specify that it was a date, or who you went with. But if she asks, don't lie.

3) Alternatively, ask the girls you date if they're open to practicing any form of polyamory. Maybe you can have an open relationship, or an exclusive relationship with only two Thai girls.

The Deceptive Way

4) Make sure each girl has no idea who the other is, or that they run in 100% different social circles. Try never to date girls who go to the same school, if they do make sure they are at least 3 years apart. For example if you date a 1st year uni student date don't another girl in 2nd year. Thai universities have buddy programs, those girls could be buddies.

5) When you buy one girl something, buy the same gift for the other girl, too. That way you will never forget which present you bought for whom.

6) Use pet names such as "honey" or "sweetheart" to avoid mixing up their names.

7) Avoid having a MySpace or Facebook profile, or pretend you don't have one. That way, the girls don't run into each other on there and this will happen. If you do want to take advantage of Facebook then i suggest you put all the girls on a Facebook profile that they can't see other friends nor should you post content to your wall. Each time you do a girl will click on it and 10 other girls will see who clicked or commented then they start chatting so avoid this.

8) Be careful when "double booking" --that is, going on dates with two different girls on the same day. It's very risky.

9) Do not go to the same places with different girls. For example if a girl knows you like to go to a particular club and you take other girls there as well it's likely you'll run into each other.

10) Don't bring the girls around your friends if you're worried they'll spill the beans.

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