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Getting a second date with a Thai Girl

Almost all single Thai girls as long as they think you arn't crazy or look scary will go on a date with you. Getting a second date however can be a bit more elusive. If you don't want to hear those boring lines like "I'm sorry I'm busy" then you should definately read the following tips for getting a second date with a Thai girl.

Getting a second date with a Thai Girl

Don't be really creepy or overzealous with a Thai girl like SMS'ing her after the date then Facebooking her, sending her an email, and announcing your love for her on twitter that's just weired. The message should be short and sweet and gauge her interest in you.

You want to try to entice her into meeting again and that’s why you send her the message. Now wait a few more days and then give her a call. Some girls are easier than others and will likely be calling you before you call them and that’s what you want to do, turn the chase around. A girl that has guys chasing her all the time is going to go for the guy who is persistent but not pushy.

Getting the second date can come down to what the first date was like. If she is the kind of girl that likes to wait a few times before getting intimate or semi exclusive then you have to secure the second date by being on your best behavior during the first date. Be polite and sincere; make sure you are sweet with her. Thai girls are wary of guys who are sweet talking but they love it and if you are sweet without being too racy with it she’ll like you even more.

7 Steps in Getting a Second Date in Thailand

7. Call back in a few days

Just because your out of town is no excuse you must call the girl within the next 48 hours just to see how's she's going, if you wait too long it'll look as though your not interested.

6. Compliment her a lot

Lots of compliments about her hair or anything is better than nothing. Thai's like to call the sweet mouth and you should be as sweet as possible.

5. Be Talkative

Thai girls even the shy ones will just sit there and say nothing some can just talk all the time and not give you a chance to say anything. You should be driving the conversation and make sure she's not bored.

4. Don't Facebook befhorehand

Besides being just a little creepy you can be pre-judged before the date. Thai girls will just go through with the date especially if you asked her before she Facebooked you even though she's made up her mind that there won't be a second date beforehand.

3. Stay in the now

Don't start talking about your hypothetical future relationship together and all the love, good times, and wild threesomes you are going to have together. She's still making up her mind if she likes you.

2. Be polite to servers

This is one of the most important points for securing a second date. You can be a complete asshole to her but if you are super sweet super nice to all the servers she won't care how much of a prick you really are.

1. Be Discrete

Just because you want to rip her clothes off right now you don't have to tell her everything ou want to do to her. Be descrite about it and before the date ends offer to cook her dinner or watch a movie at your place.

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