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Thailand now rated 2nd most likely country for tourists to die

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According to the FIA foundation for Automobile and Society, Thailand now rates the 2nd likeliest place on earth for Tourists to meet their in in a fatal car accident.Their new publication “Bad Trips: Road crashes main cause of tourist death and injury” is a detailed report that explains the truth about how many people die from vehicle related deaths per year for tourists abroad. Road accidents make up the most for all Tourists deaths.

Thailand now rated 2nd most likely country for tourists to die

Thailand now rated 2nd most likely country for tourists to die

If you think not riding around on your hired motorbike is going to help you think again. Whenever you travel to another country you will most certainly be using motor vehicles, trains, buses, taxis, cars, and of course in Thailand the famed Tuk Tuk, your not safe no matter which way you look at it. Your even as likely to die crossing the road or riding a bike in Thailand, in fact going anywhere near a Thai road is likely to increase your chances of having an accident by 100%.

So why is Thailand so dangerous to travel on their roads? How about dangerous lane changing, no wearing helmets, huge numbers of unlicensed drivers, weak fines that act as little to no deterrent both for Thai’s and tourists, no signalling, speeding, untrained drivers, child drivers, the list could be a whole article on it’s own.

Pai is Thailand’s most dangerous place to ride a motorbike and gets 250 tourist accidents a year, almost every day of the week. Although this is likely because the majority of people in Pai are tourists, and most need a motorbike to get around. Half of those accidents especially the fatal ones are because they weren’t wearing a helmet. If you’ve ever been to Pai in the North of Thailand you’ll see how very few people there are, if not fewer cars and motorbikes on the road yet they have almost an accident every week. The FIA report is just proving what we already know.

To read the report download here.

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One Response to Thailand now rated 2nd most likely country for tourists to die

  1. Brad September 2, 2015 at 7:44 pm #

    Tourists eh?… lucky I live in Thailand instead.

    But in all seriousness it’s amazing how many scooters ride around in the dark with both front and back lights not working – it’s just a few bucks to change a globe. I always say that driving in Thailand you have to think for yourself and for the other guy.

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