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Maps of Pattaya’s Bars and Go Go’s

The latest Pattaya Nightlife/Go Go Guide/maps. If you haven’t heard of Mike Baird you might have seen his work floated around the internet. He’s that guy that creates all those funny English humor cartoons. His maps are accurate and he’s just provided the latest 2014 map of Pattaya as pictured below. Please don’t share this [...]

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Breaking Bad With Thai Subtitles

breaking bad with thai subtitles

I’m one of those guys that hates to wait to watch the end of anything. When Breaking Bad came out years ago I really wanted to watch it but didn’t want to wait years to see the entire series. So thus I waited until the final season just finished and started to watch it. My [...]

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How to find a sponsor or Thai escort cheap

Bangkok Sideline Girls With Big Tits

Now that I’ve abused the hell out of this site it’s time to let VIP members in on a secret. This website that I’m going to introduce to you is how I’m able to find girls who are low on money and need someones help. These girls are willing to do most anything you want, [...]

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VIP Party of the Year 2013

My last party was in Pattaya and it was one of the best nights out I’ve had in Sin City. This time round I’m in Chiang Mai and if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t had  a party in a while it’s because I’ve been busy checking out the nights hotspots making relationships with some [...]

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Porn in Thailand

Thai Porn

You know porn is illegal in Thailand but a quick look around on the net and it’s almost impossible NOT to find a Thai porn site. I’ve even written an article exposing the underground swingers and underage porn in Thailand but still it’s out there. I was looking for some pictures online when i came [...]

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When Thai Girls Ask For Money

When Thai Girls Ask For Money

You won’t start dating Thai girls for long before you get hit up for some money. First of all your OK with it. I mean ten bucks here for dinner, 20 bucks maybe for some shoes all good. Then before you know it you’re getting hit up for thousands of baht and some girls even [...]

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Real Online Dating Tips for Thailand

thailand dating tips

Recently I’ve been reviewing how I approached online dating for the most efficient and effective way to get laid in Thailand. Many guys complain about the amount of time and effort that it takes to get laid from online dating. The problem exists because of all the chatting and BS you have to go through. [...]

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Problems Sponsoring a Thai Girl

Problems Sponsoring a Thai Girl

I’m really fond of the sponsorship deal mainly because changing girls all the time can be dangerous in Thailand where STD’s are more common than getting the flu. Having a Gik (casual partner) is a good way to satisfy the urges without risking too much. But having a Gik isn’t without problems either. Jealousy is [...]

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Teen Massage Parlors and Brothels in Chiang Mai

chiang mai glass window brothel

Probably one of the most anticipated posts of all time on this blog the complete list of every teen massage parlor and Brothel in Chiang Mai. While people think the sex scene in Chiang Mai is limited to Loi Kroh road after viewing this list you’ll KNOW otherwise. I’ve included a Google map of every [...]

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How to steal a Thai girl away from her current boyfriend

How to steal a Thai girl away from her current boyfriend

Not exactly the most moral thing to do but you know what most Thai girls in a relationship are still open to talking to other guys. It’s a practice I leaned well during dating 500+ Thai women. I’ve had Thai guys calling me on the phone pleading me not to take their girl away from [...]

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Pattaya VIP Party Photos

Pattaya VIP Party

For the four lucky guys who come to the party a few quickly snapped up the bar fines there were a few guys who made use of the Mile High Rooms. Big thanks to the guys who came but a bigger thanks to all the other VIP members who have made this site what it [...]

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Viagra Girl Escort VIP Service

Viagra Girls

There’s one thing I like it’s good service. And for the girls over at Bangkok Escort they know about service! These days you can get an escort in Bangkok about the same price or cheaper than a high quality soapy massage. While I do the occasional soapy, It’s really annoying to have to get somewhere and [...]

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Free VIP Party in Pattaya

I plan on leaving Pattaya in a few weeks and wanted to go out with a bang! It’s been a while since I had an open invitation VIP party (mostly they are private and not publicized). Therefore next Saturday night the 18th of May 2013 I am having the first VIP party in Pattaya, and [...]

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