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Getting an ED Visa 2015

Clamp down on VISA’s? Hardly. The government has added more paperwork but the end result is still the same. I’ve been on an ED visa for 6 years and just came through the immigration checkpoint at the airport without a […]

Top 5 Places For Sex in Chiang Mai

A new brothel Location in Chiang Mai available inside! For people who don’t drink but want some action then the new brothel is worth it for 1600 and for those guys who like it cheap the Santitam brothels still offer […]

How to get Thousands of girls to view your profile

Now that I had Kenny’s profile up all I had to do was get thousands of Thai girls to view it. How did I do that? I’ll list a number of traffic sources both paid and unpaid that I could […]

Hotels with Soapy Massage Parlors in Thailand

I’ve practically been to every soapy massage parlor in Thailand and still never get bored. Thought I’d make this list of the best hotels with soapy massage parlors because let’s be honest. Some of us aren’t the most mobile and […]

tips and tricks for living in Thailand

Tips to Negotiate with Thai hookers

I figured that title would get your attention.   I’ve seen guys get into a debate over this issue for many years now.  Some guys have had the opinion that it’s in bad taste, and particularly cheap, to nickel and dime […]

Thai Girl Of the Week: Benz

Well it’s that time of month again something to give away! World cup fever is in full swing and Pure Escorts one of our sponsors is giving an awesome discount you can read about here and this months prize is […]

Russians girls in pattaya

Where to Pick Up Russians in Pattaya

This is a topic that never quite goes away, and it’s one that usually sparks a debate.  Single Western guys on the prowl in Thailand are generally looking for Thai women.  But there’s a growing population of Russians in tourist […]

Thai girls of the week

Hottest Thai Women of 2013

Hey guys yet another week has flown by. I didn’t get any posts out this week actually was saving them all up to put out today, try mix things up again. Last week as you’ll recall I gave away a […]

Before you hire a High Class hooker in Thailand

I got this email yesterday from a guy living in Thailand who ordered a girl from one of the many escort agencies run out of Bangkok. The escort company i won’t name but definitely isn’t one of my sponsors. The […]

Three Years of Living Thai

Most of you might have missed it due to the Songkran celebrations but this website actually turned 3 years old. It’s hard to fathom just how things have changed in three years but it has. I’ve always enjoyed change but […]

Maps of Pattaya’s Bars and Go Go’s

The latest Pattaya Nightlife/Go Go Guide/maps. If you haven’t heard of Mike Baird you might have seen his work floated around the internet. He’s that guy that creates all those funny English humor cartoons. His maps are accurate and he’s […]

breaking bad with thai subtitles

Breaking Bad With Thai Subtitles

I’m one of those guys that hates to wait to watch the end of anything. When Breaking Bad came out years ago I really wanted to watch it but didn’t want to wait years to see the entire series. So […]

Bangkok Sideline Girls With Big Tits

How to find a sponsor or Thai escort cheap

Now that I’ve abused the hell out of this site it’s time to let VIP members in on a secret. This website that I’m going to introduce to you is how I’m able to find girls who are low on […]