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Chris doesn't just speak Thai he's fluent in it! Reading writing and even typing in Thai is second nature to him. VIP members gets FREE access to the following books to help save you time and money, if you want to learn Thai quickly and easily these books will get you there quicker than any other resource available online! Why? Because they were written by Chris who was fluent in Thai in less than 2 years!

Learn To Read The Thai Alphabet In One Day

Learn The Thai Alphabet In One Day

Learning the alphabet is key to learning the Thai language no matter what the naysayers have to say, even if you have no intention on learning how to write Thai knowing the alphabet will help you to pronounce words so that learning Thai is faster!
Don't worry because it will only take one day thousands of people have already read the book and say that it's the only way to learn the Thai alphabet quickly! Honestly this is all it takes! This book has a retail value of $19.99 but it's FREE with VIP membership.

How to Swear in Thai

Learn To Swear In Thai

The purpose of the how to swear in Thai book is not so you can get a dog mouth in Thai but to know exactly what Thai's are talking about. Most Thai people swear and they swear a lot! None of these words are ever taught at school or in any other book online. In fact it's so hard to find out because Thai people don't even want to tell you, but Thai people swear a lot and it's a good thing to know these words even if you don't repeat them.
VIP members know how to swear in Thai and know what Thai people are saying about them! This book has a retail value of $2.99 but FREE only for VIP members.

Thai vocabulary lessons

Learn 10 New Thai Words Per Day

Learning the Thai alphabet can be as simple as learning 10 new words a day, but the speed in which you are able to learn to speak Thai with any sense depends on the words you learn.
No point in doing Thai language lessons if the words you are learning you'll never use! These two books have a retail value of $9.00 but we're giving them away for VIP members. You will be speaking passable Thai in less than a month and almost fluent in a year, the average Thai speaker generally has a vocabulary of about 8,000 words, expect to know only a quarter of that and you can speak Thai in less than a year!

Make money in Thailand

VIP members know how to make money in Thailand and online!

If your dream is to live in Thailand for a long time you're going to need to make money and making money in Thailand is about as hard as it is. In this book on how to make money in Thailand it will inspire you to do the same as the author and that's a means in which to make money. We break down 5 practicle things you or anybody can do to make money in Thailand. This book has a retail value of $19.99 but it's yours free with membership!

VIP members have a 15 step plan for moving and living in Thailand FREE!

15 Step Guide moving to Thailand!

This plan will guide you through all the steps you need to take to get settled in Thailand. Like how to open a Thai Bank account, how to get a Thai drivers license. This 10,000 word easy read will save you thousands making sure you don't make any costly mistakes.

This title is available free for VIP members for more details check out the Blueprint to living in Thailand website.

VIP members know exactly where to find Sex in Thailand

Sex in Thailand the Book

Ever wanted to know where to find the hottest Thai girls or maybe you're the kind of guy that is looking to find a nice Thai girl to settle down. This book will arm you with the kind of information that has never been printed until now. Best of all this book has been co-authored by a VIP member of this site. Basically what we're saying is this is good information.

online dating secrets to thailand

VIP members know the Secrets of online dating in Thailand

The online dating secrets VIP section will teach you exactly what you've done wrong with Online dating in Thailand and how to fix it.
How to find the perfect Thai girl of your dreams without wasting countless of hours online chatting to girls that will never get to meet you anyway! VIP members know how much time and money is spent online and this series of posts will save you both making this invaluable.

VIP members know exactly where to go for nightlife!

Discover unknown hideaways in your favourite destination we have detailed google maps of each of these cities, where the local nightclubs are, go go bars, soapy massage parlors and so much more.

  • Chiang Mai Mongers Nightlife Guide
  • Pattaya Mongers Nightlife Guide
  • Bangkok Mongers Nightlife Guide
Thai girl photo shoots

VIP members can access the Thai girl of the month photo shoots!

There are over 60 posts of Thai girl photo shoots available to VIP members only! Each month new shoots are added the girls are always in a bikini as well as their underwear and sometimes nothing at all. All past and future photo shoots are available to view for VIP members only! Get access now so you can see the new photo shoots as soon as they are updated! You can preview the girls photos here. We hope that you'll enjoy the photos and once a year we'll invite a VIP member to join. As far as we know we are the only Blog in Thailand that can offer this.

party in Thailand

Access to the best private parties in Thailand!

It really doesn't matter how old you are we all want to have a little fun now and then and the parties that Chris throws are legendary! Chris get's the real party girls from all over town and brings them to one venue, each girl is hand picked and you will have a blast! Private party room drinks and all included and VIP members get a generous discount! As a VIP member you can always have Chris arrange a personal party for you too!

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