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Best Guesthouse In Chiang Mai

Finding a good Guesthouse in Chiang Mai can often be a crapshoot. The myriad of backstreets filled with the old and the new can be bewildering, which one do you choose, you could literally spend all day and night walking the pavement checking out rooms to this guesthouse and that guesthouse. Or you could check into the only Guesthouse in Chiang Mai where noone has ever left unhappy.

Minicost Chiang Mai Guesthouse is the perfect place to stay in Chiang Mai. Although this guesthouse is more expensive than the others, (though still peanuts in comparison) this boutique hotel offers oversized rooms, change of sheets every two days and fresh towles every single day. The rooms are super clean and smell good too. There is no smoking in the rooms which has probably kept this guesthouse from going down hill.

Best Guesthouse In Chiang Mai

Best Guesthouse In Chiang Mai

Rooms offer not one, but two balconies! The first private balcony is in your room and some offer views of the city or mountain. The second balcony is a shared balcony where you can sit meet the neighbors and other travellers. This is what is great about this guesthouse compared to others. The people who stay here always come back, you could literally come back here and find some of the same people staying here years later. If your a solo travelor it's great to make new friends, if your a family even better because this guest house is the only guest house in chiang mai that offers family rooms, huge rooms with two queen sized beds, oh and the beds, how soft are they, the owners spent good money to purchase really good beds so you get a good nights sleep.

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